Friday, 18 October 2013

Otherworld 28mm Greater Familiars part 1

More painted from the Otherworld Indiegogo. These are four of the five familiars from the ACC3b Greater Familiars set. Also in the set is a brownie, yet to see paint.
These guys are placed on 20mm bases, so as you can see, they are quite small.
Not overly impressed with my paintjob on these, but they will do in a game of D&D.
I like the Homunculus, but the Quasit really looks like a lump of dough... and maybe he should
Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Skin – 881 Yellow Green, washed with AP Strong Tone, drybrushed with 914 Green Ochre
Eyes – Citadel Blood Red
Skin - Formula P3 Thrall Flesh
Horns – Bone White
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash, drybrushed with 819 Iraqui Sand.
Eyes – Citadel Blood Red
Should have varied the colours used on the wings of booth of these, to give more life to the figures, and maybe made the belly of the pseudodragon in a ligher tone.
Skin – 814 Burnt Cadmium red, washed with AP Dark Tone and drybrushed with Citadel Scab Red

Skin – Citadel Scab Red washed with Army Painter dark Tone wash and drybrushed with Citadel Red Gore

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  1. It looks that these figures could be usefull for 1/72 figures to. You did a great ppaintjob on them!


    1. Yes, I guess you could at least use the dragon to good effect in 1/72, and the other nasties could be bigger demons... good idea.