Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Two more 28mm Wild West from Black Scorpion

The gunman was my first Wild West figure, and hot on his heals we have two more figures from the same Town Watch pack from Black Scorpion’s Tombstone range.
First we have Grandpa – look at that face, full of character.
Paints used (Vallejo unless noted):
Coat – Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown
Shirt – 914 Green Ochre
Boots and belt – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Gun stock – 843 Cork Brown
Skin - 955 Flat Flesh
All above washed with Devlan Mud
Pants and band on hat  – Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite
Hat – 992 Neutral Grey
Hair – 989 Sky Grey
And these washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
Next up is a well-dressed woman sporting a shotgun. Someone is interrupting her dinner, and she is not pleased about it.
Dress – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red and a wash of Citadel Baal Red
She’s veering a cloth-belt tied up in a bow on her back, you can see a tiny bit of it – 883 Silver grey and layered on white as a highlight.
Hair – Coat d’arms 223 Horse Tone Chestnut washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
Her skin is painted as above, but with a layer of 955 Flat Flesh to get her a lighter and cleaner look.
Lips - 944 Old Rose (I should have given her mouth a redder tone, with the Old Rose for her lips. For next time)

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  1. Quite a chin on grandpa!

    Excellent, characterful figures.

  2. Hey, things are getting painted. I can see actual gaming looming on the horizon!

    1. There will be games!
      Look for a house coming up soon.

  3. Great painted figures!
    Never interrupt a woman when she has dinner! :-)