Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LRDG test-game

We had a test-game of our LRDG-participation-con-game two weekends ago.
An Italian airfield attacked by a couple of LRDG vehicles with a mission to make as much mayhem as possible. You get the idea from the pictures. 
Lots of fun, and we got a lot of good ideas to incorporate in the scenario. Apologies for the unpainted stuff in the pictures, it will hopefully be finished before Flemcon in early December. There's also a couple of buildings missing.
This is the game we planned to have ready two years ago (a little project, should be finished in no time... yeah, sure...) but it has dragged on, and on. Now it looks as if it might actually make to the table. Me, Laffe and Thomas are the painters and organizers on this.

Anyway, as you can see, there is a very unfinished plane on the table, and there is another un-built plane in my plastics-and-tin-mountain. More on that in a later post.
Alternate set-up for the airfield.

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  1. Brilliant! Years ago we played a game similar to this in 20mm. All the players were LRDG/SAS vieing for fame and glory, zipping around in their Jeeps and Chevys shooting the bejeezus out of everything. (As I'm sure you well know getting aircraft in 1/72 is MUCH easier pill to swallow than 1/48!)

    1. You got it, this is great fun, and rather cinematic. we expect much fun from this.

    2. Great looking game, a very original scenario idea

  2. Aw crap, I just realised that it's just over a month to go AND I will be busy as crap at least three weeks of that time. Time to hurry!