Thursday, 26 March 2015

Brimstone – Hungry Dead

Hey. Stop! Turn! Dammit, it doesn't work.
These are my least favourite minis from the two Brimstone boxes. I have quite a few other zombies to fill this roll and I’ve used those so far in our games. But I wanted all of the Brimstone minis to be finished and these were slowly cleaned, glued, green-stuffed and finally painted.
In the Swamps of Jargono box you'll get 12 Hungry Dead in total. 3 with axe, 6 shambling ones and 3 females.
Paints used:
Skin is Citadel Rotting Flesh.
Paints for the males were a mix of mainly browns, greys and different sand-tones.
Our favourite victim has just met three femmes fatales (or fatalities)
The females have dresses painted:
- 896 German Extra Dark Green drybrushed with 879 Green Brown and a final drybrush of Coat d’arms Unbleached Wool
- 812 Violet Red + drybrushed with Unbleached Wool
- Citadel Foundation Necron Abyss drybrushed with 904 Dark Blue Grey and Unbleached Wool.
They are all very dead and had ‘rested’ in corpse piles. Sounds dirty so everything got a heavy wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink.
Not very excited about these but now they are done.
There is only the huge Harbinger left still unpainted.

Click here for the rest of my painted Brimstone minis.


  1. You've done well given the starting miniatures ;)

    1. haha :-)
      Well, these zombie sculpts are not known for their crispness... :-D
      As I said, my least favourite ones in the sets.

  2. Agree with you on these Hungry dead as they where my least favourite to paint ( have to confess I nearly gave up on them at one stage ) it also felt that a sculpt was missing with the duplicate of the " Shambler" basic ally double the least interesting. you are a bit ahead of me painting wise I have the second set of tentacles and the COA hero's just finished my Goliath forward to seeing what you do with the harbinger How is your campaign going? Take care ( Davros ) P.S loved your dust mini tank keep up the good work 8)

    1. Hi there Davros!
      Nice Goliath and nice gallery
      one more sculpt would have been nice to have for the zombies as you say. But, another rather crappy sculpt... :-(
      I really don't have a clue what to do with the Harbinger. I'll probably do two variants, with and without wings, but at the moment I concentrate on getting my Desert War Italians finished.
      Sometime after Easter there will be more Dust and the Harbinger

  3. Very cool, I like zombie stuff too

  4. Great painting Joakim, very appropriate use of the "Rotting Flesh" color! Looking forward to a coming Brimstone game!

    1. Brimstone is coming to Little Wars after Easter. That's a promise