Friday, 13 March 2015

Burrowing Horror from Reaper and Open Combat

I have a lot of things half-finished on my painting table at the moment but this one is now qualified to move into Alex.
It’s loot from the Reaper Bones II kickstarter, the Burrowing Horror sculpted by Jason Wiebe. In D&D you would call it a Bulette or Land Shark.
I had an idea in my head how I wanted it to look and the result is a bit off from that idea, but I am rather satisfied with how it turned out anyway.
Paints used:
First a coat of Vallejo 904 Dark Blue Grey all over.
The scales were heavily drybrushed with 983 Flat Earth and finally a light drybrush of 874 Tan Earth.
Belly and underside only got a heavy drybrush of 874.
The backside of the large fin on its back looks like a grille on a car and in my mind it’s a breathing organ, something like gills. I painted the depressions with 944 Old Rose, progressively thicker the deeper into the grooves.
The mouth also got a coat of 944.
Teeth and claws painted with Vallejo Game Colour 034 Bone White.
Eyes 948 Golden Yellow and pupils drawn with a Staedtler pigment liner 0.05 pen (great for painting pupils!)
Everything got a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink and finally a matte varnish.

Don’t miss the kickstarter for the Open Combat rules. I’ve already bought the PDF-rules and they do look like a great set of skirmish rules for pre-gunpowder historical or fantasy settings. You essentially build your own force with whatever miniatures you have with a very easy points system. It really looks great and I’m very keen to try out the rules.
Anyway, here’s the chance to kickstart the physical rules-book and at the moment you’ll get a hardcover book for a good price. I can really recommend this relatively cheap kickstarter that end on March 21st.

You can listen to two Meeples and Miniatures podcast on the rules and the kickstarter for more information. Links on the kickstarter page.

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  1. Looking suitably dangerous.

  2. Fantastic paint job! And thanks for the welcome, Joakim.

    1. Thank you and you do have a very nice blog. Happy to maybe bring some 'customers' :-)