Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Italian CV-35 Tankette by Perry Miniatures

This Christmas I got two presents from my gaming pals Thomas and Laffe. I had my suspicions.. they were probably trying to snare me into another period with some cool figures. Been there, fallen for it, got the T-shirt (or at least a whole lot of stuff for my plastics/resin/tin-mountain)
I was right, the small boxes came from Perry Miniatures and contained a tankette and a machine gun with crew. Italians for the Western Desert and in 1/56 scale. Coincidentally the scale those two gentlemen are building British and German Desert War Chain of Command forces for.
Vrom! Vroom! Poor victim. No-one loves him.
I will not fall for the temptation! or something like that was heard from me.
Well, I will not buy a whole new force but we do need more units for our participation game at Gotcon.
Now this kit is quite nice. I have this soft spot for early war crappy AFV:s and this little tankette hits just the right buttons. Tiny, armed with twin machine guns (in the kit there is also an option for a 20mm gun and it also includes two crew-members), with paper-thin armour.  What’s not to like?
Anyway the metal kit assembles easily, it’s just a few pieces.
Paints used:
I undercoated it all with Vallejo Foundation White and a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink.
Then a coat of Vallejo 912 Tan Yellow followed by a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink, a heavy drybrush of Tan Yellow followed by a lighter one of 837 Pale Sand.
Tracks were Vallejo Panzer Aces 304 Track Primer drybrushed with 863 Gunmetal Grey.
Rubber is Panzer Aces 306 Dark Rubber
Finally a dusting of AK Pigments AK-041 North Africa Dust.

Ready to take a beating J


  1. Nice!

    My 2-pounder is looking forward to meeting it.

  2. Don't laugh too loud Laffe... I play italians mainly in the desert and that twin MG is a meat-mincer machinegun

    1. Sp there is hope for my little tank after all :-)

    2. Actually I think it will do very well. It's low profile, and probably fast. So that's -2 to hit for me already. And I'm essentially throwing tins of corned beef at it.

    3. and that is why early war is so fun. Crap vs crap.

    4. Are you calling my corned beef crap? That's fighting talk, you know.

      Oh, right. They are crap, and we are fighting. :-)

    5. I'm sure your corned beef is excellent, in a biological weapons kind of way.

    6. Tins of corned beef ...or peas from the 2 pounders, equally shity in any case

  3. Great weathering-details with the pigment, she looks like a little desert fox in her own right. New projects are like beautiful women. When you're least looking for love, there she is...

    1. hahahaha
      Well, as it is there are some other Italian things on the painting table just now... they are sort of attractive in their own way :-)