Wednesday, 9 May 2012

10 000 hits and a nice postman

The postman has been nice to me the last week and a half:
Got a lot of magazines: Latest issues of Miniature Wargames, Wargames Soldiers and Stategy and Battlegames, and also a back-issue of WSS I wanted and more Knights of the Dinner Table (KotDT). I have laughed so much at the adventures of the Knights my wife has wondered what was the matter with me. Great fun for everyone who has ever role-played. If you haven’t seen them, then it is time. I bought my collections, Bundles of Trouble, from Leisure Games. Great service.

Got a few new fantasy minis that will be seen here, sooner or later, from Maelstrom Games and their latest sale. I can really recommend Maelstrom. I got a faulty mini in a previous shipment, and I was sent a replacement promptly. That is really what differentiates an ordinary company from a good one. Highly recommended.
Also a bunch of new paints in the Maelstrom shipment. New washes from Army Painter and some paints from Coat d’Arms. It will be interesting to try them out.
Today I collected a package from Mantic Games. They had a sale, Mantic Crazy Bundle, where you got 20 random plastic sprues for £20+P&P. I couldn’t resist, as I’ve been rather tempted by their figures, and I bought a skeleton command-pack a while ago and they were nice.

So what did I get?
Orx (space orcs, will go well with my 40K orks)
3x2  orx Marauders Command (i.e. three 2-man sprues)
1x3 orx marauders Troop

Elves (looks a bit like Warhammer high elves)
1x10 elves bowmen troop
1x10 elves spearmen command
1x1 elves bolt thrower
1x2 elves bolt thrower crew
1x2 elves scouts

Dwarfs (fantasy)
1x5 dwarfs Ironclad troops
1x1 dwarfs Iron Belcher (a gun)
1x2 dwarfs Iron Belcher crew

Orcs (fantasy)
2x3 orc ax troop

Undead (fantasy)
1x3 zombies
1x2 undead ghouls
1x10 undead revenant troop
1x10 undead skeleton command (the one sprue I already had)

Forge Fathers (space dwarves)
1x2 Forge Fathers steel warriors

Veer-Myn (space rats)
1 night crawler (one extra free figure)

Ooops, that was actually 19 sprues, and not 20... they missed one

So, am I satisfied?
Oh, yes! I will find use for it all, except the Forge Fathers, the lone extra Veer-Myn and probably the heavy weapons, but otherwise it was all just what I wanted. A little of everything. On the down-side… I have massively overbought myself. My idea is to paint more than I buy, and I have probably screwed that up for 2012…

And also, I celebrated 40 followers and 10 000 hits a couple of days ago. Great fun.

The nice people at Mantic sent me the missing sprue, another 3-zombie sprue. Excellent, as you can never have to many zombies.

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  1. Congrats on the 10.000 hits! I was tempted by the Mantic Crazy Bundle, but as I happened to by the Dust Warfare figures I gave it a pass, this time around.

    Looks like they put some thought into what they put in your bundle, i.e. you did get crew sprues for your warmachines. I was a bit worried about that, getting guns without crews or vice versa. Looking forward to seeing some of the figures painted :-)