Monday, 28 May 2012

Macchi c.202 “Folgore” in 1/72 from Matchbox

The next project for the gaming group is a participation game with a LRDG attack on an Italian airfield, as I have mentioned before.
I’ve made a couple of LRDG vehicles, and had a couple of more on my to-do list, together with a two Italian planes, ground-crew and assorted buildings.
It was with some hesitation I started with the first of the planes, a vintage kit I picked up at Hobbybokhandeln (a good place to find both good books and the odd models). I haven’t built an airplane since… well probably 35 years ago…
Anyway, this is an easy kit to put together, the only thing that gave me problems was the canopy. The piece didn't fit, and I had to fill in the gap with green stuff. Extra irritating as I had at that time already finished painting everything. Stupid, I should know enough to dry-fit everything…

Paints used (as usual Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Interior: 906 Pale Blue
Sand colour: ArmyPainter spray Desert Yellow
Underside: 989 Sky Grey
Green Camo: 823 Luftwaffe Camouflage Green
Propeller hub and band on body: 883 Silver Grey
Propeller blades and wheels: black
Propeller tips: Citadel Golden Yellow
Exhausts: Vallejo Panzer Aces 302 Dark Rust
I painted all areas to have decals with gloss varnish, and then I used Vallejo Decal Medium under and on all decals when I placed them on the model. When dry I painted Vallejo Decal Fix on all decals.
Everything was then coated with matte varnish.

Soot was simulated with MIG Black Smoke pigment, and the whole aeroplane was given a light dusting of AK North Africa Dust pigment and Vallejo Dark and Light Yellow Ochre pigments.

I don’t have to be embarrassed to place this on the landing strip during the games this autumn. It wasn’t so bad to build and paint a plane actually, I’m rather looking forward to the Airfix Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 Mk II kit.  


  1. Nice! I shall enjoy blowing that up!

  2. Cool... maybe it's time to get started on my bomber.

  3. It looks terrific. What a pity that Thomas' rusty, clapped out AA gun and its crew, no doubt blotto on vino, won't be able to protect a fine plane like that.

    Well done sir.


  4. Hi Mike, and welcome!
    The poor Italians, I guess they will have a bad day in the sun.