Thursday, 3 May 2012

Battle Report – On the road to Stalingrad – or “Hey, what’s the chance of me rolling another double 1?” - Part 3

Continued from Part 2

 The 222 has a slight accident…
…and halftracks assaulting an anti-tank gun supported by anti-tank rifles is…sporting…
 The anti-tank gun is still going strong…
 …but they are stormed by angry grenadiers and the AT-line is annihilated. Most German soldiers are wiped out in the process. Close combat is generally short and very bloody.
The German troops advance all over the front. The factory is burning from an early Stuka-attack. Russian troops are retreating, but they are up to something…
The devious Russian defender had inquired about the stack of drums behind the factory. In my mind they were filled with pickled cabbage, but our umpire said it was a fuel dump. The sneaky Russians had spent a good while rolling fuel drums towards the bridge. They didn't quite make it.
 One way to stop the enemy – set fire to everything and swim/ford the river.
Russians retreating behind a ‘smokescreen’.
Our brave defender declared the game over, as he had no anti-tank capabilities left and all his troops had either fled/retreated over the bridge or were in the process of fording it.

There was much rejoicing in the German camp as they celebrated their victory. But the victory was bitter-sweet as practically all German foot-soldiers had perished and several AFV:s were left burning on the battlefield. The crashed Hanomags where an embarrassment but could be salvaged, as could the other damaged vehicles.
All in all a great game, and we hopefully caught a couple of new players. I enjoyed myself immensely as ‘Propaganda Officer’ (i.e., snaring unsuspecting passers-by, explaining rules and troops, taking pics and eating biscuits).
Next Con will be the desert, 1942 and LRDG, and I’ve got a spiffy costume for that J. Tally-ho!

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  1. Nice write-up. I will steal some of your pictures I think, I didn't take as many myself during the game.