Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Battle Report – On the road to Stalingrad – or “Hey, what’s the chance of me rolling another double 1?” - Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

 On the other front there materialised a lot of AT-rifles.
 First panzers, a mixed platoon of Pz II and Pz 38 (t). The recce unit is having a hard time, the crew has bailed out in the first two vehicles. Those ATR:s are bad news to flimsy AFV:s.
A 45mm Russian ATG is really bad news to early panzers. One down…
 Next platoon of grenadiers to the rescue…
  .. but rudely interrupted by a 45mm shell. It’s getting confused and bunched up.
The PSW 222 ‘spots’ another anti-tank gun. Behind that blasted fence…
 More panzers- this time Pz III. At the same time the Hanomags pining for action and a shoot-out between an ATG and a PSW 222. It is tense around the gaming table. How to take out the enemies behind the fence. A tank shock, maybe. With a halftrack… that fence sure looks flimsy….
No problem going through a flimsy communist fence. A tiny chance of getting immobilised. Two dice, don’t throw a double one…. Oooops…. 
 Everyone is angry! Close combat!
 Run for your lives….
Picture this: You’re the commander of a half-track and you see the enemy retreating. They are on the other side of a flimsy fence. If you would also be on the other side of that fence you could cut them to ribbons. That would be nice… 
Picture this: The German player, incidentally the same player who had rolled those unfortunate double ones earlier, saying loudly “Hey, what’s the chance of me rolling another double 1?”
Picture this!
Half the Con turned around to look at us when we shouted with laughter.
The anti-tank-flimsy-wooden-communist-fence…

To be continued.

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