Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mantic Orx vs Games Workshop Ork

I got some orx in the box from Mantic, and I’ve just painted the first, a figure from the orx command sprue.

Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Undercoated white with a black wash
Coat – 988 Khaki
Kilt – 882 Middle Stone
Trousers – 977 Desert Yellow
Skin – 971 Green Grey
Leather – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Metal – Citadel Chainmail
Face on breastplate – Citadel Blood Red
Washed with Army Painter’s new Quickshade Ink Strong Tone. A really nice water-based ink/wash, that is a worthy successor to Devlan Mud.

So how does it compare to GW orks, then?
Well, the orx is obviously somewhat different, as it must be to avoid infringing on GW:s IP. Anyway I like the orx, it feels more alive than the ork. Detailing is comparable, the body is a bit less beefy and it has a smaller head (not really seen on this fig). And it actually looks as if it walks/runs, and not as if it just had an...accident.
All in all, the orx is a much more price-worthy alternative, from a company that has great service, and seem to actually like their customers.


  1. Totally agree, the mantic figures is a better option

  2. Yeah, if I didn't already have three boxes worth of Assault on Black Reach orks, I would definitely buy the Mantic ones.