Monday, 23 May 2016

Brimstone – Hell Vermin

I’m waiting for the second and last shipment from the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter and as we’re playing and enjoying the game I decided to buy the two enemy packs that has been released and are not part of the kickstarter – Hell Vermin and Swamp Slugs of Jargono.
The Hell Vermins are the first to be finished and you’ll see the slugs soonish.
In each pack you’ll get:
- Three vermins on 40mm bases (I used transparent bases from Sally 4th).
- A reference sheet and a rules sheet/painting guide
- Threat cards for the game
Each vermin is in two parts on a sprue, essentially left and right sides. A bit of cleaning, but easy to do. No problem gluing them together but there will be a gap that at least I found it necessary to fill with green stuff.  
The problem is the lack of details on these minis. What is supposed to be fur is rather flat, teeth has no structure at all etc. These are simply not very good sculpts, unfortunately, but they seem to be good monsters to have in the game.
Painting (Vallejo paints unless otherwise noted)
Well, first off, I totally ignored the painting guide as I simply didn’t find it at all interesting
Skin – 859 Black Red, drybrushed 985 Hull Red and finally 804 Beige Red
Tail – as skin + drybrushed 944 Old Rose
Fur – as skin + thin stripes painted with 981 Orange Brown
Mouth, ears and wounds – 944 Old Rose. Army Painter Dark Tone wash on inner parts och mouth to simulate depth.
Spines, teeth and claws – 825 German Camo Pale Brown and teeth individually painted with 034 Bone White
Eyes – 953 Flat Yellow and pupils by black pen.

They won’t win any prizes but I think they will look okay on the game-tiles.


  1. Nice work. I agree about the sculpts.
    I wonder when we will get the second wave of stuff though...

    1. The last thing they have said is end of this year, but that feels a bit optimistic. Maybe in a years time?
      Pity, as the game is enjoyable and those extra characters would certainly be useful. Same with more monsters.

    2. I was planning to use the extra characters for Wild West skirmish -- Dead Man's Hand, or other gamers -- but hey, we didn't get them.

      Now I was a bit put off by the complexity of Shadows of Brimstone as a dungeon crawler, but I still like to get the figures, especially that undead/mutated gang of outlaws. And who knows, maybe we do start to play it again.

    3. We have skipped the campaign rules and just play one-off game and enjoy that tremendously as you can skip the book-keeping of xp and money. That's why I'm anxious to get more characters.
      We're also thinking on skipping xp per monster/character/event and instead give a clump of xp per adventure to avoid the tedious 5xp here and 5 xp there.
      If you could come to the club some day we could have a four-player game.

    4. Time as always is an issue.

      I will follow your advice and keep record-keeping to a minimum if I play with the kids again. My interest will probably be rekindled if I get the rest of the figures...

  2. Replies
    1. With a bit of paint they have potential :-)

  3. What a wonderful beastie, sorry to hear about the lack of detail with the fur, but looking good to me.

    1. It is a great concept and will undoubtedly eat a hero or two :-)

  4. Hi Joakim,

    Good work on the Vermin. They are a fun in the game. We ran into 3 of them recently and thought this will be easy! as we had only encountered single vermin before to little resistance, However with two elites and a remains in play encounter.... two revives and knocking at deaths door some while latter we managed to get the Easy? win 8).

    If you are interested I have a full set of the snake men card set spare. the whole lot magic, encounters, threat cards, artefacts. you must have a some models in you mountain you can proxy to get some extra content in your game a bit sooner. They are one of my favourites though the Scafford gang ( yes I relented and did 1.5 just love the game what can I say, and the new content is great 8) ) probably just pip them due to the proper shoot out rules. I will happily send them to you as a small thank you for you Blog. I don't have face book but have PM able accounts on Dakka and BGG. Just let me know.

    All the Best,

    Brian (Davros)

    1. Hi Brian!
      Thank you for your offer, that would be great as I certainly would love some xtra oppsition.
      Can you PM me at BGG? I'm JoakimS

  5. A clear case of "a nice paint job hides a multitude of sins". The look good in the pics and no doubt will look great on the table.

    1. Sort of, yes :-)
      Most minis look good from half a meter away.

  6. We had the misfortune to meet three of these in our last game of Shadows of Broimstone. Let's just say that the investment in this kit payed of, kind of...
    They were tought, to say the least. They softened us up well and made us fail the scenario.