Monday, 16 May 2016

Pulp Alley – Perilous Island Campaign – Forbidden City

The campaign has reached its third and final act as the leagues have enough clues to follow Lord Darrow into the depths of Perilous Island.
The heroes, always ready to save the world and punish evildoers.
From left to right: The trusted sidekick and shooter extraordinaire Padre Sicario; the ally Soldato Morto armed with an SMG, here to honor the Royal Italian Army; sidekick Soura Innocenza, our deadly hand-to-hand specialist; ally Padre Scuro armed with a deadly shotgun; Monsignore Cadaverica, on a mission from the Pope and the beloved leader of the CSSS - Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede.
Hacking our way through thick and monstrous jungles we finally reach the ruined ancient city clinging to the cliffs of the mighty volcano in the centre of the island. There is just one problem; the city is surrounded by an unsurmountable natural wall.
Every adventure in the 30's needs nazis, and here they are, die Unabhängige Phrenologen led by Herr Doktor Kopfgelände in Brown with his trusted sidekick Sister Sigrid and a bunch of PhD students. Everyone a crack shot.
Nazis, I hate nazis.
There seems to be only one way in and that is through a gate guarded by a mighty demon. Surely too much for a single league to handle.
The horde, aka the International Egyptological Society, aka The Cult of Ra, led by white suited Ike Naton. Also Skinny Tut the mummy, Nefertiti Jones, a flamethrower-wielding minion, a gang of minor cultist  and an allied local savage.
Emissaries from the four leagues meet under a truce. Lost pages from Lord Darrow’s journal are searched for clues and through the masterful guidance of Monsignore some meaning is garnered from the feverish scribblings. The only way to enter the city is by activating four statues simultaneously and thus opening the sealed gate. The gate in question closes after a short while, so everyone has to be quick or otherwise be late for the next adventure.
That just leaves the small problem of the demon. There seem to be only one way to deal with it, with brute force.
The Belgian League led by Roland Castroulle (third from the right) and  supported by the dreaded Miss Mayhem in centre.
The emissaries are clear on one thing, the only way to achieve this is through cooperation and an uneasy truce is set. No league will attack the others until the demon is neutralized and all leagues are responsible for activating one of the statues.

The Gate guarded by a frightful demon. Statues in red. Heroes of the CSSS in green, cultist yellow, nazis in pink and Belgians in blue.
Can we trust the evil cultists, the dastardly phrenologists or the sneaky Belgians? There is no way to know, as betrayal is only one activation away. One thing is certain though; we will be ready to strike back at a moment’s notice.
The demon, guarding the gate to the Forbidden City
Everyone rushed towards their assigned statues, and Soura is the first to reach one as she is a master runner.
Roland reaches his target
A sneaky Belgian rushes the statue belonging to the phrenologists but he is pushed aside by Herr Doktor himself who says "Don't even think of doing that!"
The lazy cultists don't even reach their assigned statue this first round.
The CSSS shows which league is the strongest, smartest and handsomest by performing the appropriate ritual and activating the statue
Next in line are the Belgians...
...followed by the nazis. Notice the heoric CSSS-members advancing on the demon. The heretics of the other leagues don't have the bravery to do anything but shake and look on.
And finally even the cultists manage to do their part. All four statues are activated and the gate is open. We have three turns to eliminate the demon and rush through as many members as possible.
First blood goes to Padre Sicario who blasts the demon and in return gets hit by barbs flinged from the demon's tail. Sister Sigrid shows that she is not a total failure as she too shoots and hits the demon while getting hit in turn.
A PhD student is felled by the mighty beast, but he will recuperate next turn.
The combined firepower from all three leagues finally fells the foul beast, but it is not out of the match yet.
Roland Castroulle uses his jet-pack to glide through the sky with a loud roaring sound and much smoke. He is certain to do this when when the beast is down, though...
He looks rather smug when he lands close to the beast, then he notices that he is alone with a mighty guardian demon. He turns and shouts "Everyone to me! in a voice cracking with fear.
Those that have not shot this turn surges forward
Even some of the cultists, but they seem to hold back.
The monster regenerates and rises. Roland, closest to the beasts, quivers in fear as the demon turns its multiple eyes on him.
But he is saved by a well aimed shot from Herr Doktor, who does something we didn't expect - he showed some bravery and unselfishness. Easier when you're far away, off course.
Soura gets the honour to once and for all rid the earth from this frighful abomination. As a trusted emissary of the One True Church she is the right person for the job and she knows the incantations needed to banish this beast for the next 666 years.
Soura is a rather physical person, so why waste precious times on old fashioned incantations?
She bashes the demon's head with her crucifix and stomps on it for good measure (she passed a random and rather tough peril). 
The jungle is suddenly quiet as everyone stops in their tracks, mesmerized by the sight of  the great puff of smoke that is everything left of the demon and of the madly laughing  nun drenched in ichor.
(it is thought that wet t-shirt competitions were invented here on this spot, by an enterprising Belgian lady (and we use that expression loosely))
There is a mighty cheer and everyone present rushes the gate to enter the Forbidden City and then spread out as we are all weary of the truce that is now void.
Before us is the mighty Temple of Ba’al Enoch, and it feels as if the end of this adventure is near as the ground rumbles and the volcano starts to belch thick black smoke.

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  1. O-ho-ho! All very exciting! Nice report.Looking forward to the next one!

    1. I'll have to make some new terrain for the next game, so it might take a little while, but I do look forward to that game.
      No more truces!

  2. Absolutely superb, with a wonderful cinematic quality to it.

    1. Thank you!
      One moment came when Soura had killed the demon. We sat there around the table, eyeing each other, fingering the dice, waiting for the first one to blink...
      Then Ulf said: "Hey guys, how about we just run through the gate and not fight it out for once."
      It was relieving and a it sad :-)

  3. Brilliant! Can't quite believe the truce actually lasted...though the demon certainly looked terrifying enough to unite everyone! Very much looking forward to the next installment!

    1. If a fight had started I think only one or two characters would have made it through the gate, and we were all in agreement that it would be positive to have a full crew at the beginning of the next match. I think we will need every man standing then, as there won't be any truces then...

  4. I think this is the only game featuring the scenario I've seen where the factions didn't turn on one another the moment the demon was downed. Nicely done!

  5. Loving this story!
    Can I ask where the Demon figure is from?

    1. the demon comes from the boardgame Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death