Friday, 20 May 2016

Mercs Recon – Eu, Inc

A long time ago I backed the Mercs: Recon kickstarter. Everything dragged out and the first shipment was more than a year late when it arrived this February. By that time my interest had waned and even though I built a couple of the multipart resin figures I didn’t paint them. They just stood there on the painting table.
The EU, Inc team from Mercs: Recon - Counter Threat
The other week I looked at them, unpacked the player boards with illustrations of the uniforms and decided to do something about this. If I’m ever going to get these painted it will have to be very basic and easy paintjobs.
Shock trooper and Sergeant
Said and done. I decided to start with the five-man EU, Inc faction team from the Counter Threat box, and the obvious thing with them is the characteristic blue colours on their gear. As every faction have their characteristic colours I decided to keep that as an identifier and then go approximately after the illustrations.
Medic and Analyst
Paints used for EU, Inc personnel
Black – black drybrushed with Vallejo 868 Dark Sea Green
Blue – 899 Dark Prussia Blue highlighted with 965 Prussia Blue
Yellow border on shoulder armour – 953 Flat Yellow
Metal – 863 Gunmetal Grey and an Army Painter Dark Tone wash
Goggles – 52 Silver

Preparation and painting done during two evenings and they turned out decent enough. Just another five-man team and ten guards and we’re ready for a test-game.


  1. They are quite nice minis. Brill job :)

    1. Thanks
      They are sure better now than unassembled in a box :-)

  2. Very interesting, but this is a problem that I have found with Kickstarter, too much time between backing and arrival has seen several pledges just gathering dust.

    1. That would not happen to you, Jocke, would it? Certainly not with me, I have, half a dozen of the Dungeon Saga figures and several from Mars Attacks.

    2. You're right Michael
      I might have seen something similar myself :-) , and I'm actually much more cautious now than I once was.

    3. Thomas
      Well, I've seen at least one painted Dungeon Saga-figure on the gaming table. It could have been worse (slightly)

    4. I think I have 2 on the table and another 3 painted and ready to go. Out of almost 100....

    5. You're soon there
      How many Zombicide figs did you say you have unpainted by the way...? I seem to remember one or two without paint the other day :-)

    6. Zombicide was a gift, not a KS, so it does not count!

  3. Blimey...what is the analyst going to analyse with that finger?

    1. What can I say... the imagination of some people...
      When you look closely at the mini you'll se it is a sort of probe held in his hand, but it could have been more... probe-looking :-)