Monday, 23 January 2017

Conan: Balthus

Not one of my favourite minis from the Conan boardgame, but one of the players wanted this mini as his Rogue-character in the upcoming D&D campaign. So he hit the painting table and was rather quickly painted up.
I think the sculpt is rather boring and flat, but he looks decent with a coat of paint. On the plus side he will be multi-use, both in D&D and in the Conan boardgame (and possibly in other fantasy games).


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    1. Thanks
      More Conan-figures on the painting table now.

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    1. Thanks! It was a real easy one to paint, so that was a bonus :-)

  3. Nice work though I think he has some good details especially on the quiver. I suppose there are only so many shooting poses.

    1. Thanks. Well, he is not really bad but not very dynamic. When you make a boardgame every piece has to be distinct so gamers won't mistakenly move the wrong one. This is the one just standing up and shooting.