Thursday, 15 November 2012

German Big Men in 20mm for IABSM

The first batch of new big men for I Aint Been Shot Mom. The idea is to represent a level 1 man with one figure, a level 2 with two, etc up to four men for the highest ranking Big Men.
I have already converted some old figures into level 1 Big Men, simply by placing them on square bases, as opposed to circular ones for ordinary men.
These guys are newly painted.
First of the level 2 Big Men. Figures from Caesar German Army
Another level 2. Airfix German Infantry and Revell German Infantry 
A level 3 Big Man. Figures from Airfix Reconnaissance Set, unknown and Ceasar German Army.
Level 4 Big Man. The officer is a metal one I got from friend Daniel, and he was part of a group build. Great figure. Periscope from Revell German Armoured Infantry. The man with rifle is Caesar German Army, and the one with a SMG is from the Airfix Reconnaissance Set. The man with the back towards us is unknown.


  1. Great idea, well painted figures.

  2. The idea is Laffe's at Figurfanatikern. It's a great idea though.
    thank you for the praise!

  3. I'm thinking that the unknown figure in the last group is either from Hasegawa or Esci. I seem to recall having one as well but I can't remember which set I got it in.

  4. This looks great Joakim! Glad to see that the oficer I gave you is painted up. The settings look good too.

    The last figure is ESCI, comes with the 250/9.