Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time to join the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter

I fell for the wild west figures in the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter, and pledged on the $150 Outlaw-level, just to get those figures. They are hard plastic 'heroic 28mm', meaning around 35 mm to the top of their heads, about the size of my wild west minis from Black Scorpion. On that pledge-level you'll get 2 full boxed board games with 8 wild west figures and a whole bunch of evil critters usable in these games and others. Some very Cthulhu-inspired, others more traditional and some very wild-west themed but with an evil twist. A whole bunch is defined as more than 50 - monstrous tentacles, void spiders, hell bats, large slashers and night terrors, the extra-large Goliath and Harbinger, and more.
On top of that is now an amazing amount of stretch goals. As I write this we have close to 20 more wild west people (and 50% are female and sensibly dressed! A big plus in my book) and around 75 baddies. You'll see serpent warriors, large lavamen, mutated rats and more. The 1 million dollar stretch-goal, a huge demon, is fast approaching.
Now, this is a great deal if you're after the figures alone, but as it seems as if the game itself could be rather enjoyable too, then then this is great value.
The next interesting level is the Minecart-level, at a rather grim $480 level. Before you faint, let's see what's there.
First off you'll get one more set of the basic figures from both of the boxes above, so that's another 64 figures. Nice if you'd like multiples of some of the characters or monsters, or just want to be friendly and spread the loot among your friends.
Then the add-ons: another 6 wild west heroes and 4 of the more savage type with a grizzly bear. When it comes to the baddies you'll get more than 50 miniatures, everything from undead soldiers and werewolves to the XXL Sand Kraken and Burrower. On top of that a lot of game-stuff.
Finally you'll get $75 to spend on further add-ons when the pledge-manager comes live.
If you're a miniaholic, like me, then this starts to be very tempting, and if you like board-games, like me, then even more...
Also, more stretch-goals are coming fast. So far we have gotten one stretch-goal every $25K for the Outlaw-level. On the Minecart level it is more random, with one more addition coming now and then.
So, why not checking it out? You've got a limited time-slot, it closes on November 25th. Don't say I didn't warn you, and don't blame me if you fall to the temptation.

Do join, I need more stretch-goals!

Monday, 18 November 2013


At long last I have finished the crew to my Chevy, and also two improvised LRDG-soldiers on foot.
The driver is original as base and has had his right arm switched to one that could hold the steering wheel. The arm I used had short sleeve, so I had to build a new sleeve and also shoulder with green-stuff.
The Boys ATR is metal and from SHQ. The crew-member manning it is also based on the original, but I switched the right arm and the head to suitable pieces from the box of little toy soldiers and shoulder and scarf from green-stuff.
The standing crew-member comes from Revell Scottish Infantry, 8th Army, and I removed his Thompson machine gun and pinned him to a suitable thin base, and got a figure that had perfect height to man the Vickers.
The wounded man on foot comes from Caesar WWII Underground Resisters. I removed his Sten gun and remodelled his left arm slightly to remove the armband. Also a helmet from the bits-box.
The last man comes from Caesar WWII Partisan in Europe and is straight from the box.
All figures painted with an assortment of sand-colours and browns. Washed with Citadel Devlan Mud.

50K hits! Yep, reached it in record time, so a give-away is coming. I just have to have a bit more time to prepare. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

28mm Destrachan from WotC

A prepaint that needed quite a lot of work to reach an acceptable quality.
The original was a two-part model with a very visible joint. I green-stuffed, repainted and based it.
Paints used:
Base colour – Citadel Foundation Taucept Ochre
Markings – Vallejo 875 Beige Brown
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash
Mouth and area around the not-eyes washed with Citadel Washes Leviathan Purple and Baal Red.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Even more Kickstarters

We seem to be swamped by Kickstarters at the moment, and they are rather fun to join or follow. Here’s another bunch.
Bob Olley returns to his favourites – 28mm scrunts. Here we find steampunky ones, and they are very nice. Steampunk dwarfs are really not my thing, but fun none the less. Runs to December 6.
28mm sci-fi, humans vs aliens. Big tanks and walkers and ordinary troops for reasonable prices. Interesting, and runs to December 6.
'Just' metal 28mm figures in this Kickstarter. Concept art looks nice, and could be your thing if you’re into Barsoom, or just like little metal figures. Runs until December 5.
28mm figures from the war of 1700-21. Mainly foot-soldiers, but the last stretch-goal unlocked mounted figures, and artillery is on the horizon. Looks to be good value for money if this time-period and scale is for you, and they're Swedes! Runs until November 23. Gå på!
Rulebook and minis of the computer-moderated miniatures game that went belly-up a while ago. Minis looks nice, and the game could be a hit. Runs until December 6.
Get to print your own custom-made figure(s). This looks intriguing, and is worth looking at. Could be a dud or a real game-changer. Runs until December 11.
A very cool Kickstarter this. This guy has taken CT-scans of animal skulls, and intend to 3D-print them in different materials. So different. Not-minis, but... Like! J Runs until December 4.

Alien, Predator and a couple of Marines in between. If you ‘d like that idea then this kickstarter might be for you. Runs until November 29.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dwarf Mercenary in 28mm from Otherworld

Another figure from the Otherworld Indiegogo. You can find it under ‘Henchmen & Hirelings’ as HH03a. 
You can also find some other lovely figures in the shop, like the Female Characters and Henchmen & Hirelings, either as a pack or as individual figures. You know, those packs we pledged for on Indiegogo a year ago, and still haven’t received. Do I sound bitter? You bet I am. There is just so much wrong here. A company I have always held to high regards, and now they are just ignoring some of their most loyal customers. Delays are one thing, but this is ridiculous. If only we could get honest information, or any information. A crowd-funding campaign that leaves me furious, I’m afraid. It’s such a pity, as their products are great, and previously their service has been good. Oh, and I'm one of the lucky ones, I've got the first half. I can imagine what the poor blokes that still haven't gotten anything yet thinks.
Enough of the rant, to the figure:
Paints used (Vallejo unless noted)
Armour – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather and edging 984 Flat Brown
Shirt and trousers – Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite
Boots, gloves, scabbard and flat pouch/case – 875 Beige Brown
Handle on warhammer – 843 Cork Brown
Handle on sword – 862 Black Grey
Hair and beard – 940 Saddle Brown
Belt and eye-patch – 921 Light Brown
Belt-buckle - 56 Brassy Brass
Pouch – 987 Medium Grey
Everything washed with AP Strong Tone.
Base – 821German Camo. Beige + AP Dark Tone + drybrushed with 821
The base comes with the set, as is the self-adhesive felt that I should have applied after I was finished with painting the base…

All in all a very nice figure.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Some more Kickstarters

There are a lot of interesting kickstarters out there at the moment. In my last kickstarter-post I mentioned a couple, some still going on.
I jumped on the Reaper Bones II, and are moderately happy with how it turned out. Went in for one core set and a few add-ons. The expansion sets could have been great, but as they had no themes, they turned out to have to few figures to interest me in the end. Bones II will ship in about a years’ time.
I’m waiting for the minis from Baker Company, and their great Winter War Kickstarter. The first batch should turn up before years end, really looking forward to that.
All that waiting… well, until I get all that stuff, there’s good reason to check what else is happening on the Kickstarter front.
Cowboys meets Cthulhu. This immediately struck a chord. For $150 you get the two basic board games and a ton of stretch-goals. Did I tell you that there are lots of very nice figures? For $475 you get even more, some of it really tasty, but this is too big a leap for me, so I hope they will come down to a more reasonable price for a bit less stuff but most of the mine-cart stretch goals.
Something to watch, I’m not decided on whether to pledge or not, but the figures looks fantastic.
This really made me laugh. Cuddly cats and Cthulhu, what’s not to like? A “rules-light roleplaying game where all the characters are ordinary cats, opposing the Chaos Cults of the other Animal Gods.” The PDF-rules-book is $10 and a softcover book will cost you about $20 + P&P. 
Fantasy terrain for your 28mm minis to fight over. Some rather nice plastic/resin pieces that could be worth a look.
A cooperative boardgame with some amazing figures. $100 (add P&P outside USA) will give you the game and a lot of stretch-goals. Add $80 to get even more stuff. Niiiice.
A miniatures boardgame with adorable minis. $75 will get you the game.
Elves, lots of elves. 28mm for use in RPG:s or miniatures games. Looking good and worth a look if elves your thing.
MDF-terrain, and some look really terrific. Check out the holographic advertisement set, my favourite, and the Pool House.

This looks fantastic, and it just went live. Card terrain. Haven’t had much time to check it out, so I think you’d better do.

So much stuff, so little time

Friday, 1 November 2013

Familiars from Otherworld – part 1

More minis painted from the Otherworld Indiegogo, this time half of the familiars from ACC3a Lesser Familiars. The other familiars in that set are birds – crow, hawk and owl. 
I especially like the weasel, a very nice pose.
Skin – 895 US Dark Green, AP Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with Green Ochre. Eyes yellow with a horisontal pupil.
Skin – 862 Black grey, AP Dark Tone wash

Fur 929 Light brown, belly 948 Golden Yellow, tip of tail black. Everything washed with Army Painter Strong Tone.