Friday 28 March 2014

More Wild West gunslingers

Deputy Sheriff Parker, last man from the Town Watch pack and one of the gals from the Cow Girls II pack, all from Black Scorpion.

Rather quick paintjobs on these. 

Paints used (Vallejo unless stated otherwise)
Deputy Parker
Trousers – 874 Tan Earth
Belt – 872 Chocolate Brown
Ammo belt – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Shirt – Coat d’Arms 240 Unbleached Wool
Coat – 843 Cork Brown
Hat – 819 Iraqui Sand
Skin - 955 Flat Flesh
Hair – 875 Beige Brown
Weapon – 863 Gunmetal Grey
Washed with Army painter Strong Tone and touch-ups after that.
Gun Stock – 984 Flat Brown and graining with 981 Orange Brown

The man with the nice hat
Coat – 874 Tan Earth
Hat – 872 Chocolate Brown
Shirt – 819 Iraqui Sand
Trousers – 971 Green Grey
Hair – Coat d’Arms 235 Horse Tone Brown
Washed as above

Girl (I’m not too happy with her, she doesn’t seem to be very typical of the 1870:s...)
Shorts – 872 Chocolate Brown
Boots – 871 Leather Brown
Shirt – Coat d’Arms Unbleached Wool
Hat – 843 Cork Brown
Hair – Coat d’Arms Horse Tone Chestnut
Washed as above.

Monday 24 March 2014

Marshall’s Office from 4Ground

Another excellent kit from 4Ground and their Dead Man’s Hand range.
It’s made of pre-painted laser-cut MDF, and you only need glue to put it together. A couple of clamps and some rubber bands are good to have also.

I put the kit together during two evenings, and it is really very easy with the very clear instructions. Great  kit that will cost you about £24. I need some furniture now.
Also included is a couple of poster that you can put on the Wanted-board, or elsewhere in town.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Troglodyte Chieftain from Otherworld

This is half of the Troglodyte Chieftain and Shaman set, DM10c, from Otherworld. I painted the Shaman from this pack in 2010 and three trogs from the DM10b pack last September. This guy has been partly painted for several years, but I’m in the process of finishing all those started but not finished figures. Finally...
Anyway, this chieftain was painted just like the three trogs, only difference being arms and armour.

Shield and shoulder armour painted Vallejo 892 Yellow Olive, armbands and amulets Vallejo Game Color 59 Hammered Copper, leather unknown, wood 843 Cork Brown and ropes on the club Humbrol 186 Hemp. Everything got a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. Finally the wood was drybrushed 967 Buff.

Thursday 20 March 2014

War Dogs from Otherworld and Celt Mastiffs from Warlord

Lots of doggies this time. The kind you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the leash of.
First of two war dogs from Otherworld, and their Accessories series. Very nice models.
Then three Mastiffs from Warlord Games, their Hail Caesar range. With these dogs there were also a Celt packmaster, but he’s gone to the tin-mountain.
As you can see they are a bit different, but they will work well as a large pack in coming games of Song of Blades and Heroes, and probably in my D&D campaign.
Paints used:
Overall Vallejo 912 Tan Yellow, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone and drybrushed 837 Pale Sand. Black drybrush on heads, tails and some feet.

Leather was Vallejo 871 Leather Brown drybrushed 981 Orange Brown.

Monday 17 March 2014

Adventurers Stores from Otherworld

This is the ACC4 Adventurers’ Stores pack from Otherworld. One of the things I got from their Indiegogo campaign.
28mm knight for size comparison
Wood is painted Vallejo 843 Cork Brown, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash and drybrushed Vallejo 876 Buff.
Bottles painted Vallejo 894 Camouflage Olive green and Overpainted with 975 Military Green except on the top of the bottle-necks. Gloss varnished. A touch of Cork Brown for the corks.
Sacks different beige/sand colours, washed with Strong Tone and drybrushed with 837 Pale Sand.

Potatoes 875 Beige Brown, washed with Strong Tone and drybrushed 874 Tan Earth.
Useful for fantasy, Wild West or most everything. Great kit.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Spider swarms from Reaper

This is Spiders Swarms (2), set 3594 from Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends series, sculpted by S. Stiltz. Two identical swarms to make life miserable for a party of heroes.

I base-coated these with black and drybrushed with different shades of grey, brown and beige. When I had some paint left over I used it on this set. 

Saturday 15 March 2014

Paint Table Saturday no 2, March 15

Time for another look at my paint table, this time more chaotic than ever.
Chaos! Too much new stuff suddenly!
British BEF in 20mm. I have finished two trucks, and the rest are either waiting for paint or decals.
These Wild West buildings from 4Ground were supposed to be built this weekend. I hope to start with them, at least…
New stuff! 28mm Winter War figures from Baker Company and their Kickstarter. First box came day before yesterday, and this is my third of the stuff. The rest goes to Laffe and Thomas.
Adventurers stores, dogs and an adventurer, all in the process of being painted.
So much to paint, so little time.

To see more paint tables, go to Sofie’s Paint Blog.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Kobold sorcerer/snakeman from WotC

Yet another figure from the Castle Ravenloft Boardgame. This time one of the evil villains, a kobold sorcerer.
That’s what it says, but when I started to work on the miniature, it looked more like a snakeman. The head, posture and the tail and body seen at the feet.
Anyway, did a quick and easy paintjob on him
Skin – Vallejo 879 Green Browy
Robe – Citadel Vomit Brown
Ribbons – Citadel Scab Red
Armour – Vallejo 865 Oily Steel

Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash.

Monday 10 March 2014

Wraiths from WotC

More minis from Castle Ravenloft boardgame, this time three wraiths. They are one piece and made in a translucent blue plastic. I’m not overly impressed with the choice of colour; I believe a more greyish would have been much better. Anyway, blue they are. One problem was the bases, they were blue also.
I painted them with the usual ‘dungeon’ textured paint, and drybrushed with a lighter buff.
That didn’t look good, as you sort of saw through them into the translucent blue base.

So I painted the underside of the base with black, and the effect was quite nice. The black reflects up into the wraith, and it looks as if it rises from the ground as a black mist.
If only they had been grey...

Sunday 9 March 2014

Horse hitches, signposts and water trough in 28mm from 4Ground

A little pack from 4Ground, containing 10 hitches, one water trough and two different signposts.
I wasn’t impressed with how they looked out of the box, so I painted all wood with chocolate brown and dry-brushed buff.
Sign hand-painted and posters found on the web and printed on my laser-printer.
A nice set for details, but not great.
Welcome follower

Derek Robertson with Lead and Paint – lots of miniatures of every possible kind. Nice!