Sunday, 24 February 2019

Gelatious Cube and victims

This Gelationous Cube is a Reaper Bones mini in three parts, two halves of the cube and a pile of victims.
The cube went together no problem and the pile fits well into the space for it, but being transparent you don’t really see anything of it.
So I painted the pile, with the idea that it could do double duty as treasure or dungeon dressing.
Well, to be honest, even if you’ve painted the pile you still can’t see it through the cube. It’s more like a darkish shadow in there. A bit disappointed about that, but now I at least have a pile of corpses and treasure to put somewhere in a dungeon.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

De Havilland DH4a – Pulp Edition

I got myself a 1/48 scale De Havilland DH4a (Passenger) from Roden a while ago. The idea was to use it in my pulp games, as a prop or maybe something to fight for. It was half-finished for quite a while until I got it on the painting table and put it all together.
It’s a nice kit, but a bit fiddly, especially when it’s time to assemble the wings… Getting the top one in place was a bit of a pain. It didn't help that I dropped it when it was nearly done.
I painted it up totally imaginary and put on some random slides from the stash.
Pretty good result and it will look good on the gaming table, I’m sure
As a great little extra there were lots of spare parts, including quite a few bombs and machine guns. These will definitely find use as contraband. Great stuff.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A varied bunch of pulp minis

Here’s the latest from the painting table, a bunch of pulp minis that took a bit longer than expected to finish.
The figures come from:
Warlord, and their Operation Sealion Enemy Agents pack. It’s a nice additional nun that will be useful, as they are, and the other two will find a place in a game of Pulp Alley, I’m sure.
Artizan Designs and the final figure from their Merchant Sailors pack
RAFM – a gigantic doctor from their Cthulhu range. The size of that head compared to the others... Their RAFM figures are all over the place size-wise, which is really annoying.

Finally two pics of 3D-printed stuff waiting for paint. More on what has happened on the 3D-printing front soon.

Monday, 4 February 2019


A couple of minis I had had half-finished in the tin-mountain for a time, a very long time for the foot-soldier…
The skeleton rider is mostly a Guardian on Horseback from Gamezone. That model is multipart and the skeleton guardian’s upper body, arms and weapons were a bit of a mess to get together. That effectively moved the model to the mountain for a long stay, until I had it out the other day and had a sprue of Mantic skeletons in front of me, too.
Some glue and green-stuff and I had married the upper body of a Mantic skeleton to the lower body of the rider. Really satisfied about that.
It was quickly painted and turned out rather well.
The foot soldier is an old GW skellie, from their Tomb Kings series. I have a couple already painted (10+ years ago) and this was mostly ready, just needed some details and a wash. Said and done. Half an hour's job and I had another mini ready for gaming.

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