Tuesday 29 April 2014

Painting tutorial – 28mm Winter War Russians

The first Russian troops from Baker Company’s Winter War kickstarter.
I have a very good reference book for the uniforms and equipment: The Soviet Soldier of World War Two, by Philippe Rio and published by Histoire & Collections. Excellent with colour photos of reenactors dressed in the real stuff. I can’t recommend this book enough.
The M.30 Assault Pack
The M.36 Backpack with rolled tent section.
Paints used:
Uniform – different shades of khaki: Mainly Vallejo 880 Khaki Grey and 914 Green Ochre, but I will also use 873 US Field Drab, 924 Russian Uniform WWII and maybe some others
Shoes – black
Belt and ammo puches – 984 Flat Brown
Wooden stock – 981 Orange Brown
Gun metal – 863 Gunmetal Grey
Assault Pack M.30 – 912 Tan Yellow
Backpack M.36 – 894 German Olive Green
Tent section – 924 Russian Uniform WWII, 873 US Field Drab
Entrenching Tool, cover – 876 Buff
Entrenching tool, handle - 843 Cork Brown
Water Bottle – 924 Russian Uniform WWII
Red Star – Citadel Blood Red
Everything washed with Army Painter Strong Tone.

More Russians will be painted in the near future (as soon as my Wild West figures are ready) and with them you will see some more uniform details.
Also some thoughts on the miniatures themselves.

And a short tutorial on snow – I’ve tried three different brands with varying result.

Monday 28 April 2014

More Wild West from Black Scorpion

It’s been a long time since the last update and I have quite a lot of stuff waiting for a write-up. First among those are these Wild West figures from Black Scorpion and their Tombstone range.
From the Cowgirls 2 pack
Dress – Vallejo 892 Yellow Olive with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone Wash
Boots – 912 Tan yellow
Hair – 983 Flat Earth
Gun – 863 Gunmetal Grey
Everything but the dress washed wit AP Strong Tone
Tombstone 2 pack
Coat – Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone
Boots – 872 Chocolate Brown
Hat – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Band – 984 Flat Brown
Hair – Coat d’arms 235 Horse Tone Brown
Coat and boots washed with Dark Tone, the rest with Strong Tone.
And another from the same pack.
Trousers – 989 Sky Grey
Shoes – 872 Chocolate Brown
Coat – 870 Medium Sea Grey
Vest – 883 Silver Grey
Shirt – 993 White Grey
Hat – 836 London Grey
Band – 994 Dark Grey
Tie – Citadel Blood Red
Washed with Dark Tone, except sin, hair and weapon that got some Strong Tone splashed on.

Eleven more Tombstone figures on the painting table at the moment. You will see more as work progresses.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Work in progress leads to Mad Padre give-away

A work-in-progress picture of my first figure from the Winter War Kickstarter from Baker Company. This is one of the Russian infantry.
I sent this photo to my two pals (I won’t mention any names, but they both have an interest in this Kickstarter...) and the first said “Hey, it’s Mad Padre” and the other one replied “Yes, spot on”. I’m not too sure about that, but it is an excellent Segway to a rather funny give-away at, you guessed it, Mad Padre Wargames. Three pictures and you can give them a caption or dialogue.

Check it out, and follow the site if it interests you. I think it is highly enjoyable.