Sunday, 24 March 2019

3D-printed Ruined Dragon Archway and Dais

Ruined Dragon Archway

The Dragon Archway set and the Dragon Dais set from Printable Scenery will give you a complete and a ruined version of the respective structure.
Ruined Dragon Dais
I choose to print the ruined versions this time, and will use them in Frostgrave as scatter terrain.
Really useful!

Friday, 22 March 2019

3D-printed Ruined Lighthouse by Printable Scenery

I had the printer going warm for a while and it is time to show what I have printed and painted.
This is the Ruined Lighthouse from Printable Scenery. It is, of course, delivered in the form of stl-files, that you use in your 3D-printer.
I printed it with 0.2 mm layer height, that I think is perfectly all-right for models this size. You can see the layering if you go close, but ordinarily you see a building from a couple of feet away and then… well, who notices really.
I used about half a kg of filament on this, costing me around 100 SEK or €10. I think I could lower that if I played around with the settings a bit, but I haven't come that far in my printer-competence yet. 
Painted mostly with wall-paints I buy in 0.4 litre cans for less than the price of two drop-bottles of Vallejo paints. I used a basecoat followed by two to four different dry-brushings of lighter tones.
This model will probably also come in a bundle with other ruined buildings rather soon.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Rise of Moloch – Bobbies, flaming zombies and a damsel in distress

Been rather active with my Rise of Moloch miniatures.
These were rather easy to finish, and as they are horde-monsters and horde-allies I didn’t spend that much time on them. Not very happy about the flames, but they will do.
The damsel in distress is just that, and will need to be rescued in the first scenario.
Now I only need to finish the remaining heroes to have everything painted for the first scenario. They are prepped and ready for paint. I'm really looking forward to start playing.