Monday 30 October 2017

Dust – Red Fury/Red Rain

Dust beckoned me again, and this great piece, the BR-47, hit the painting table.
 This kit for the SSU-faction includes two versions, where you can use the chassis for either the Red Fury armed with an anti-tank gun, or Red Rain where you’ve got an artillery piece.
The crew is three men for either case and I got four men with the kit, so there is essentially a choice of commanders.
It’s a great model, made all the better for the royal whupping it gave Thomas in a game of Dust ages ago. The Red Fury, well protected behind a wall, picked off half his army. Sweet memories…

A SSU walker is awaiting paint now. Dust-minis is such a joy to paint.

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Thursday 26 October 2017

Mercs: Recon – More Security Forces

These are Type 1 Security from the Mercs: Recon game.
I’m not too sure if I will ever play that game, but the minis could be useable.
These guys will probably see action as minions for an evil master in a hidden base, using Pulp Alley or 7TV rules.

Nice and easy to paint minis, what’s not to like?

Monday 23 October 2017

Scenery from Reaper Bones

I did a quick job on some Reaper Bones scenery, mainly to just move stuff from the tin- and plastics-mountain. 

Friday 20 October 2017

Komsomolets from Baker Company

I have a bunch of vehicles from Baker Company and the Winter War kickstarter they had a couple of years ago. Our Winter War project was placed on hold and the vehicles just laid there.
I had an idea of using some of them for pulp gaming, either 1930’s Pulp alley or 60’s/70’s 7TV. I did a truck a while ago and this time it was the Komsomolets tractor that got some love.
Evil minions are often seen riding on strange wheeled or tracked vehicles in their masters lairs (they seem unable to walk even short distances in cult movies) and a Komsomolets looks just the part.
I painted it dark green, so it could be used in an actual WWII game without looking totally out of place and an evil overlord would probably be pleased with the paintjob also.
I got two sets of crew; one could be used as Soviets while this one got a suitable minion-look paintjob.

Just as with the truck we have a really nice resin-body, but the metal parts are rather crappy and the crew are not the best out there. A pity as it’s a fun little vehicle.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Catapult from Printable Scenery

A friend of a friend had an opportunity to print this catapult from Printable Scenery for me. He’s got a ‘slightly’ better printer than me, but it cost around half a million SEK (or £/€ 50 000) so it should be :)
I got the stl-file for this single-piece model from a kickstarter a while ago, but if you want one yourself it is possible to get the the file either as a single file or as a part of a siege-engine bundle (that is presently on sale).  
Even though it comes as a single-piece print I had to repair it, and reposition the lever, as my pal had mistakenly parked a heavy suitcase on it. The single-piece was in three pieces when I got it, and that proved to be one piece short of what was needed. To make matters worse, the missing piece was small and made of a clear translucent plastic... It was eventually found in the bottom of a backpack.

Anyway, here’s the finished catapult. Amazing detail and no sign of it being a printed piece.
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Monday 9 October 2017

Frogmen from Reaper

More Reaper Bones figures, this time in the form of frogmen, or squogs as Reaper calls them.
Two Squog Warriors and Mudcroak, Squog Shaman.

These will come in handy in adventures in misty rainforests, and I have hope of using them in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and maybe even pulp adventures.

Thursday 5 October 2017

Werebears from WotC and Reaper

Here are two werebears for the collection.
The first one is Reaper Bones. Really nice mini with a slightly aloof stance. Few mould-lines and easy to prepare.
The second one is from WotC’s Chainmail game that lived for a year or so until it died some ten years ago. I traded this one, the Werebear Trooper, and an Ogre Penitent, for a bunch of other minis a while ago. A real find as I’ve been on lookout for both for a long time indeed.
There was a bit more cleaning on this as it is metal, but really not much.

Very satisfied with these.