Monday 30 March 2020

Modular Tavern from Printable Scenery

Corehaven is a series of modular walls, floors, roofs etc. for building fantasy buildings, even though they could pass for historical ones also.
This is the Tavern, made from pieces from the following sets: Clorehaven Roofs, Rustic Stone Floors, Rustic Stone and Wood Stairs, Rustic Wooden Floors, Schist Walls, Tudor Walls and Wooden Balcony Walls.
It’s real easy to assemble and disassemble, using the OpenLock system. Great stuff when you have a D&D adventure, or anything like that, and want to build a specific building or two. There are lots of pieces to choose from in the Clorehaven series, and you are sure to be able to build most everything.
I’m letting the printer spit out different pieces now, so I can do just that.

Disclamer – I’m affiliated with Printable Scenery, which means that if you go to their site via the links above and buy anything, then I will get a very modest kickback. Whatever I get will obviously be used for gaming stuff J

Saturday 28 March 2020

Some ships and a submarine or two

Here are a couple of 3D-printed ships and boats from 3D-Print-Terrain.
 Their models are scaled for 20mm gaming but I upscale them to 130% to fit my 28mm games.
That periscope is seriously to big, but I let it be for now. I might change it later, if I'm going to use the sub form ore than a scenario or two
Finally Proteus, a free download from Thingiverse. That will be used as an evil overlord's get-away in a pulp game.

Monday 23 March 2020

Paddle Steamer

Here’s a large piece for a Pulp Alley game. I just have to paint some small pieces to get that on the table.
It will work in an Old West setting also, I’m thinking a shoot-out on a limited space.
It’s 3D-printed and the files come from 3D-Print-Terrain and their ACW-kickstarter from a while back.
I had to fix the stl-files to get something printable, as there were some faults in the files and the paddle-wheel were not very good as it was. That I had to de-construct and modify a bit. Turned out well enough in the end.
I'm thinking about printing one of the even bigger paddle-wheelers for a truly spectacular Wild West shoot-out.

Saturday 21 March 2020

More painted figures

A bunch more figures finished the last month or so.
Muslim and Ottoman Civilians from Perry Miniatures
Istanbul Constabulary from Pulp Figures
A monster from Reaper, two Hybrid Deep Ones from RAFM and three Servants of the Deep from Cthulhu: Death May Die
A horse from Wizkids, two Wild West hobos from Black Scorpion and two 3D-printed seals from EC3D.
Gnolls from North Star
Now I'm finishing and painting a lot of all that 3D-printed stuff. More on that soon.