Wednesday 20 September 2017

Conan - Bossonian Guards

Another large batch of Conan minis finished! This time the 15 Bossonian Guards from the base box of the Conan game.
Not so very funny to paint, as they are all identical, but it sure did a big dent in the tin- and plastics-mountain and the Conan game is more than half painted! That’s a big YAY!
As a bonus i also finished Thak, a particularly nasty beast that Conan met... and killed :-) Not super-exited about how he turned out, but he'll do.
Now I’ve got five characters, five soldiers, five hyenas and finally ten picts left unpainted.
Doesn’t seem like an enormous hurdle anymore.
The five characters just moved to the painting table and I think the picts will move there, too.
To be continued, obviously.

No painting or blogging for a couple of days as I will move out into the archipelago for an extended fishing weekend with a couple of friends in a few of hours.
Take care.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Trolls from Heresy and Reaper (and a cultist)

I really had to paint some ordinary minis to be able to survive another large batch of Conan-figures. A quick rummage in the plastics mountain and I had two suitable and rather big figures.
The Dungeon Troll is sculpted by Andy Foster of Heresy Miniatures and is a fantastic mini. My absolute favourite of the two.
He (yes, it is a ‘he’ – look under the loincloth…) is a 3-part model that needed no cleaning as I couldn’t find any mould-lines! More than unusual in a model this size. I used some green stuff in the gaps between arms and body, but that was it.
A fearsome opponent if you're 28mm tall.
Take advantage of the weak £ and pop over to Andy’s store and get yourself one (or any other mini, for that matter).
 This Troll, sculpted by Jason Wiebe, comes from Reaper and their Bones range (you can also get it in metal for four times the price).
It’s a decent sculpt that needed just a little cleaning of mould-lines, but a bit… cartoony. Not really in my taste, but it was easy to paint and could probably smash an adventurer or two.
Finally a cultist from Reaper Bones, you can never have enough cultists… A fast paintjob to have him ready for action.

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Thursday 7 September 2017

Conan – Pirates and Dark Demon

So, I actually manage to speed-paint (i.e., compared to my usual speed…) a larger bunch of Conan figures. The five Bossonian Archers were a test-run and these Pirates were the real thing.
I did it! 15 minis in about a weeks’ time. A record and as a bonus they don’t look half bad. Yay!
They’re primed dark brown, block painted and washed.
Suddenly it looks as if it is possible to play Conan with painted minis in the not to distant future.
The Dark Demon was a very fast paintjob. Primed black, a couple of highlight and fangs. Done in next to no time.
Next in the queue are more Bossonian soldiers, but I’ve prepared some other minis, too, just to prevent madness.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Briggen Tre Kronor

This last weekend I had a rare treat, a sailing trip with the brig Tre Kronor.
Not much wind that day, but a wonderful trip anyway.

Just some pics to make you envious J
It was the Sailboat's Day this Saturday, so we met lots of beautiful boats.
Right by the pier there's an WWII-era bunker. Rather well preserved.