Thursday 30 November 2017

Sadie and Kat from Hasslefree

 Two modern females from Hasslefree, one of my favourite companies.
They’ve been assembled but unpainted for far too long (probably bought Kat about 10 years ago by now) and it was about time they got some time on the painting table, together with two Hasslefree-males that I still work on.

Really nice minis, as always when Kev White sculpts them. 

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Conan: Thalis and Skuthus

The final two characters from the Conan core box are finally done.
Skuthus is necromancer and the name is from one of Howards’ drafts and not official, IIRC.
Thalis is actually another baddie, but in the stories she was killed by a demon, so Conan didn’t have to do the dirty work himself.
In-game they will, off course, both die horribly by the hand of Conan. Goes without saying, really.

Now I only have some 20 minis left to paint in the core-box, and then it will head for the club. 
Did I say "only"...

Monday 20 November 2017

Furniture from Frontline

I’ve had these resin-pieces (25WW23 Assorted Cupboards) from Frontline squirrelled away for ages.
They contained a lot of bubbles needing green-stuffing. Not too big a job fixing that and giving them  some paint.

Nice with these as playable pieces instead of stuff in the tin- and polymer-terrain-mountain.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Scenery from Zealot

I just finished some more scenery from Zealot, this time a bed, rustic throne, banquet table with cloth and three monster beddings.

Everything is, as always, really great stuff.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

A couple of minis from Oathsworn, Blue Moon and RAFM

A varied bunch of figures this time.
First we have a pregnant woman from Oathsworn Miniatures. This is such a nice mini, and she can be used in everything from a fantasy setting, to pulp, to modern and SF.
Next a butcher from Blue Moon and their Slice of Americana box. A good background figure in a 1930’s pulp or gangster game.
Finally an knife-armed cultist from RAFM. It will come in handy in our Pulp Alley campaign as it is inevitable that it ends up in Egypt sooner or later. 
Welcome new Google+ follower Mystic-Realm, makers of terrain both classic and in the form of .stl-files, and Adam Fletcher of HexT 3D-printable modular terrain. Hope you find something of interest.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Torture Chamber stuff from Reaper

There is bound to be a torture chamber in every evil overlords lair, regardless of setting. Medieval looks seem to be chic, probably because of expectations.
These from Reaper Bones will serve well, along with the ones from Zealot I already have.  The stocks will not look out of place in a town-setting either.

A bit of an overlap, but they might have several customers at the same time. 
Something for the heroes to be upset about, and giving them a reason to slaughter everyone and everything they encounter. Poor minions.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Carden Loyd Carrier from Warlord

Evil Overlords seem to have a big budget for transports for their (lazy) minions and correspondingly tiny budgets for firearms- training. When one of them get their priorities right then whatever hero is after said Overlord will be in for a surprise. A short-lived surprise.
Anyway, I bought the Carden-Loyd Carrier from Warlord for a Sealion campaign that never took off, and it’s been in the resin- and tin-mountain since. I thought a slight repurpose in its life would give it a reason to meet the paintbrush, and it was promptly relocated to a suitably evil overlord’s car-park. In the off-chance that we will actually build all those other minis for Seelöwe I painted it in a colour that could pass as proper for a home-guard unit somewhere in southern England.
"And I thought the Komsomolets was cramped"
The integral crew had British helmets and that sealed their fate as they were promptly decapitated and got replacement-heads from the bits box (I think they came from Perry Italians… must be a horror for a British WWII-soldier…). The resulting chaps could still pass for home-guard as their uniforms were painted in a suitable colour for British infantry, which works equally well for minions.
The kit was so-so. The resin body needed quite a lot of work to be presentable while the metal tracks and tow-hook were rather good.

A bit of a disappointment overall but the Overlord is more than pleased.

Friday 3 November 2017

Conan – Khosatral Kel, Zaporavo and Captain

Khosatral Kel, Zaporavo and Captain
A couple more baddies painted for the Conan boardgame.
As always the minis are very well detailed and really top-notch.
The minis are, strangely enough, mirrored compared to the illustrations
Slowly but surely getting all the pieces for the basic game done.