Thursday, 23 April 2020

Monsters and heroes from Cthulhu: Death may die

The first one is a nun from Shadows of Brimstone. The usual crappy resin and I had to replace the barrels from the shotgun as they were bent and full of bubbles. I painted it just becuase I had these other two on the painting table.
The other two are Luke and Sister Beth from Cthulhu: DmD game. Beth comes from the base box, while Luke is a kickstarter exclusive.
These are ghouls and deep ones from the base box. Real quick paint-jobs on these, to get painted figs on the board (and less figs in the plastic-mountain).
We're playing along with the Cthulhu: Death May Die game, going through the scenarios and playing each a couple of times with different Elder Ones and different characters. Great fun! It's such a good game.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020


I’m slowly printing and painting buildings for my Swedish small town, soon to be zombie-infested. I also want most stuff to be multi-purpose, so I can use it in more games.
This church fits that just fine, as it will look good in said zombie-apocalypse, WWII, pulp, modern, near future, medieval or anything between.
The walls are OpenLock, that is a snap-together system that works surprisingly well both assembling and disassembling.
I got the files for the church, walls and gates from Printable Scenery and they also have a ruined version of the church. You can get it all as a bundle at a very good price just now.
You can also extend the church, making it even bigger, but that was a bit of an overkill for me.
I’m very happy with this, as it turned out just great.
Disclamer – I’m affiliated with Printable Scenery, which means that if you go to their site via the links above and buy anything, then I will get a very modest kickback. Whatever I get will obviously be used for gaming stuff J Everything shown here is stuff I have bought at full price because I really like what they do.