Thursday 14 July 2011

The Spanish Civil War

I went through some old pictures and found a couple that might be of interest. All comes from a business trip to Spain a year ago. I visited Seville and found a military museum. I can't seem to find the maps, but it was in the eastern part of town.
The building where the museum is situated

I'm interested in the Spanish civil war, and found some interesting exhibits

Russian 45mm L44

A German Pak 36 
A Maxim MG
A French Hotchkiss MG
And now for something completely different - a diorama of the conquest of Seville in 1248. Would be nice to use in a wargame.

A nice, if small, museum. Worth a visit if you're in Seville, are interested in Spanish military history and have an hour to spend. But all texts are in Spanish.

I checked some more (was to late yesterday) and the museum is called Museo Militar and you will find it in Plaza de España.

Sunday 10 July 2011


I’m back from a trip to southern Sweden and also LEGOLAND in Denmark. It’s an amusement park and of course a gigantic LEGO-build. As I walked around the cities and villages made from LEGO-bricks the wargamer in me woke up. I started to to look for wargaming potential. What if you could 'loan' LEGOLAND for a day of wargaming....
Seize the bridges, maybe a PSW 222 in the front?
Urban warfare, where's that sniper?

Want to fight in the bonsai garden?
Starwars is fun
Cape Kennedy, maybe not wargaming potential, but huge and cool. Hmm, I might be able to use my new 7TV-rules for this setting. Just bought them today...
Well, that's some of the approximately 400 pics of the 'terrain' in LEGOLAND. A very nice trip.

Friday 1 July 2011

Unchartered Seas - Dwarven fleet

I just finished the dwarven flagship, proudly sailing in the front of the fleet below.
Now I've got the airship on the painting table.
The frigates, destroyers and battleship are actually painted by my son, he was 11 when he made them. He's got talent.
I dirtied them up with 'smoke' yesterday.