Monday 24 April 2017

North American Cabin from Perry Miniatures/Renedra

I’m trying to finish all Old West minis and buildings to finally get a game of Dead Man’s Hand in.
This is one of three Perry/Renedra buildings that I already had assembled and at last has started to paint. Fist one finished and good enough for a piece of scenery.
It is a bit small compared to my Black Scorpion 32 mm figures, unfortunately. Nothing much to do about that, though, but I guess I have to keep it a bit separate from my 4Ground houses. 

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Hyrekia, Half Elf Sorceress from Reaper and a short Gothcon review

Another Reaper figure, this time Hyrekia, sculpted by Werner Klocke.
She’s a metal mini that’s been in the tin-mountain for far too long, which is a shame as it is a really nice figure.
On the painting table now are the remainder of the Castle Ravenloft figures, a few more assorted fantasy minis, the last Black Scorpion western minis and some western buildings. I’m hoping to have the Ravenloft game all painted and have a game or two, and also to have most of my western-stuff ready for a game of Dead Man’s Hand soon.
After that I think there will be lots of Dust, as I had a demo-game of Dust 1947 at Gothcon this weekend and it felt really good (thanks for the demo, guys!). I’ve got my Dust-mojo back and that will be prioritized now. I’ve already ordered the new rules and will pick them up at Alphaspel today, hopefully.

Gothcon was great (as always) and we tried a lot of new games. The weekend started with a game of Hjärnor (Brains), a game I’ve seen there over the years and wanted to play. This time we were there when the con started and were the first bunch to get a game in. Great fun!
Three of our four heroes in their first mop-up. My charcter; Malin, armed with a shotgun and a saw, in close combat with a zombie. Jörgen, our wannabe Elvis, coming to the rescue  wirh his guitar and handgun (which will soon run out of ammo) and  Anna wields her chainsaw and handgun with great skill.
Two more heroes, Sigge and  whateve-his-name-was, being ambushed by a bunch of no-good undead.
Our mission was to get out of town (with bikes or cars) and kill many zombies. With 30 killed we would get a major victory and we kept tallying them up. Here we're in one of the houses trying to find car keys and Malin finds them while Jörgen is found by a zombie. 
Everyone to the VW van!
We just have to kill a few more zombies before we fl... retreat.
Just a few more to reach 30 killed zombies...
Just two more....
Finally, we kill the last one, jump into the van and make our escape. A total victory as all our characters are unwounded!

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Zombicide: Black Death - Piper

Just finished Piper from Zombicide: Black Death. She's from the big box of Kickstarter exclusives and is a very simple to paint fig. Those are always nice!
Here she is, ready for a game. Probably next week.
I'm going off to Göteborg and Gothcon with two of the kids on Thursday. We are going to play so many games :-)
Original art vs my blurry mini.
Hope to see a couple of you there during easter.

Monday 3 April 2017

Human Rogue and Blazing Skeletons from Castle Ravenloft

I found Kat, Human Rogue, one of five heroes from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame, in the plastics-mountain the other day. 
In dark blue plastic she didn’t look much, but when I started to actually check her out it turned out that she’s a rather dynamic character.
Some paint and she turned out real well.
After that I collected the rest of the unpainted minis from that game, and they turned out to be just a handful. Might as well get them all painted so I have that game finished.
The first to be done were the blazing skeletons. They really looked like transparent blue blobs as they were, but with some paint they look much better.

Unpainted blazing skeleton (without integral base)
Now I only have four more heroes, a vampire and a howling hag, and the game is all painted.