Tuesday 21 February 2017

Castle Keep and Corner Ruined Building from Amera

Two vacuum-formed terrain-pieces from Amera that has been stuffed away in a corner for far too long a time. Now they are finished and stuffed away at the club J.
Corner Ruined Building is from the Future Zone Range.
We flocked these during our Terrain Day the other week and I then winterized them in with Tamiya Snow Effect.
Castle Keep comes from the 28mm Fantasy Realms range.
The ruin saw action in a game of Frostgrave at the club last Wednesday. A glorious victory for my witch even though her apprentice and the heroic bear got a bit messed  up...

Welcome follower Matt Barker from Printable Scenery

Friday 17 February 2017

3D-printing – a cool dungeon from Printable Scenery

I finally had my 3D-printer, a M3D, repaired and finally set up in my hobby-corner in the garage. It also got a dedicated computer to feed it 3D-files.
So, it is finally working more or less 24 hours a day all week long. Yay!
Printable Scenery had a smashing kickstarter on Indiegogo last fall  It’s a modular dungeon thingie where you print out your floors, walls and whatnot and connect them with clips. Simply brilliant!
I’ve had the printer working for a week chugging out these parts and yesterday we used them in our just started Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It was a success with much oohing and aahing from the players.
So if you have a 3D-printer or have an idea about getting yourself one and fancy dungeon crawls this is really a no-brainer. I cannot recommend it enough (and Printable Scenery’s got a lot of other cool stuff too). Check them out for all that printable goodness.
I guess you will see a lot of 3D-stuff here in the future.

Monday 13 February 2017

Monk and female bard from Reaper

Anwyn, Female Bard, from Reaper Miniatures and sculpted by Werner Klocke. 
A useful mini even if she won’t be used immediately.
Sajan, Iconic Monk also from Reaper and sculpted by Gene van Horne. I needed him immediately in our D&D campaign and did a very fast paintjob. There are quite a lot of details on his belt that I ignored. 
Not pleased with the result but I had to have him in yesterday’s game and had to rush it.
I got both minis in the Reaper Bones II kickstarter.

Friday 10 February 2017

Terrain day - February 2017 edition

Try to find the field of sun-flowers.
We had another terrain-making-day this weekend. It was me, Thomas N and Daniel that playe... worked.
We used my static grass applicator to, well, apply static grass… Lots of hedges and also newly 3D-printed walls got grass.
Daniel based a lot of trees that also were grassed. The sun-flower field was a bit underwhelming, and I guess I have to finish it sometime soon.
Look at those walls! Lots of them! Two more were printed while we worked.
Some vac-formed terrain of mine got the same treatment, more on that in a future post.
Thomas got to play with the foam-cutter AND he also used his hot-glue gun. He wasn't burned. Amazing!
I had a go at the long-ignored harbour. I really have to get going with it in a serious way as it will be soo cool to play on.
All in all a very enjoyable day with quite a lot of finished and half-finished stuff. More importantly lots of coffee was imbibed and many of tales were told. 

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Mini submarines from Verlinden

Seehund and Neger from Verlinden Productions, anchored in a heavy algae-bloom in Soerabaja Harbour.
My harbour always need more boats and this is the latest find, two German midget submarines in 1/35 scale from Verlinden Productions, the larger Seehund and the tiny Neger.
I’m not so concerned about scale as especially the larger Seehund,will see use in mainly Pulp-settings as proper subs manned by all sorts of no-good evil overlords.
They are built mainly as is with some small modifications as I wanted a proper hatch for the Seehund and not a see-through cupola.
A really nice little set that was quick to finish.

If you want one of your own it might be an idea to hurry, as Verlinden seem to have gone under. 

Monday 6 February 2017

Pulp Alley AAR – The Gate Beyond the Stars Campaign – The Star Vampire scenario part 2

For the rules of this scenario check here.
The game board. Cultists/Plot Points circled in red. We have three leagues but had two extra plot points to set up as sceario event during set-up. Smoke are vampiric zones set up by each player.
More vampiric zones spawned by the cultists.
The Masonic League of Enigmatic Purpose led by the failed author HP Castullecraft. Read more about the leagues here.
Crypto-Section IV, Group T with two extra Guardsmen and also the spirits of two Berserkers.
Anders Einstein with his gang. We now have Albertina Einstein (closest to us) as a new member, Her grenade launcher works as if she got Burst Fire.
We start round one with moving the vampiric zones.
The first Peril and one man is down before he could move.
All leagues move into favourable positions.
We can already see where there will be carnage...
Second round and more manouvering. Albert fails to unlock his cultist plot point this round and is wounded by the vampiric field. He will unlock it next round, though.
Section IV gets their first plot point.
A berserker bends space-time to move up to Lars deLaval and promptly knocks him down. Foul play, I say!
The Masonic League snatches another popt point but HP is wounded while doing it.
Vampiric zones are deadly...
Greta deLaval moves up to one cultist while Albertina Einstein starts shooting her greande launcher.
A success as Harald Hellstrom goes down!
Plåt-Petter goes berserk on the berserker, doing essentially nothing...
Another plot point played and an enraged Little Solberga citizen starts whacking one of the berserkers over the head, being a nuicance until he can be taken care of.
A vampiric zone takes down another man, who is out of the game.
End of turn and we see action all over the town
Another view of the town.
Eviline Dark of the Masonic League tries a plot point. That is one deadly cultist!
But they are vampiric and she goes down.
Hans deLaval have a go at another cultist but falls under a hail of enemy fire.
Plåt-Petter bashes the berserker who retreats, giving Lars deLaval a chance to move and shoot with with his ray-gun. To no effect but it was fun.
A vampiric zone moved close to the berserker and fells him.
Retribution and Lars is down.
A sneaky Section IV operative lobs a grenade at Greta who, having just claimed a plot point, retreats.
Hans recuperates!
Greta moves towards the cultist but can't quite get into position to unlock the plot point.
Sigh, Hans goes down due to the cowardly action of the Section IV cowards.
Plåt-Petter is also down and Section IV unlocks another plot point.
Battle rages around one of the final cultists. In the background we see Anders who moved up and managed to take the cultist.
What about the Star Vampire? Well, it arrived on turn 3 and moved towards a board-edge, where it stayed during the rest of the game. It tried to use its vampiric powers on Albertina several times, as she was closest to it, but failed. It would have been a much bloodier affair if the Star Vampire had stayed in the centre of the board and moved around there. Luckily for us it didn't.
Greta falls and with that the game is over as we are at the end of round 6.
That was a fun game! Carnage all over the table and everyone taking lots of risks to unlock the cultist/plot points.
In the end Anders' league unlocked three plot points while the other leagues got two each. We all eliminated quite a few vampiric zones during the game, giving one Tip per zone.
I want more Pulp Alley!