Saturday 28 September 2013

Treasure Items in 28mm from Otherworld

The first stuff from the Otherworld kickstarter to meet my paintbrushes. These Treasure Items, Product code DF3, are sculpted by Andrew May, and they are really nice. Four chests of different sizes, heaps of coin and a pile of mixed treasure. They will be used in my D&D campaign as just this - treasure.
My daughter was very enthusiastic about this, and wondered if they would find all the stuff. Her eyes shone J.
Note the locking mechanism on the big chest, in the form of Otherworld’s logo. Nice touch.

Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Metal – 865 Oily Steel or Citadel Dwarf Bronze
Wood – 843 Cork brown or 310 Old Wood
and a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud
Sacks of coin:
Fabric – Coat d’arms 240 Unbleached Wool or 976 Buff washed with Devlan Mud
Coins – 56 Glorious Gold washed with Citadel Gryphonne Sepia
Silver coins painted with 62 Silver.
Pile of mixed treasure:
Pillow – 899 Dark Prussian Blue and Citadel Ice Blue
Scrolls – 883 Silver Grey wet drybrushed with White
Bands around the scrolls – 915 Deep yellow or Citadel Snot Green
Crown – gold as above, fabric Citadel Blood Red, gems Citadel Snot Green

That’s it, a fast paintjob (except the pile, which took a bit longer) and you’ve got some great dungeon dressing.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Wooden Outside Toilet in 28mm from 4Ground

A nice and cheap little outhouse from 4Ground, just bought from Alphaspel and their brand new shop in Hägerstensåsen - well worth a visit.
It will be used in our upcoming 28mm Winter War scenarios and also in the Wild West, talk about versatile.

It took med around 15 minutes to assemble, and it will give a bit of character to both settings. 
Door can be opened, removable roof and possibility to remove parts to get a battle-damaged/derelict house. I'm not to sure about the last thing, as you can see the "battle damage" quite clearly above even when you have an intact house.

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Anne is having a giveaway

Anne O’Leary (or as she likes to call herself lately “Anne O'Leary”, I think it is an Irish thing, or a rude word… J) is celebrating, well, something. Having her birthday soon, or just celebrating for the fun of it.
So she is having a double-triple-secret-giveaway, which is always something for us others to celebrate.
So, head over to O’Leary Miniatures and see how good a blog it is, and while you’re there, do join the give-away.
And not to forget, a word from our sponsor:

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Sunday 22 September 2013

Troglodytes in 28mm from Otherworld

These guys, Pack DM10b Troglodytes II from Otherworld, are sculpted by Snuurg. Very nice figs, made of two parts, body and tail, and one got an arm-piece too. Needed pinning and some green-stuff to hide the gaps.
Paints used:
Skin – Formula P3 traitor green
Eyes – Vallejo 952 Lemon Yellow with black pupils
Mouth – Citadel Red Gore with white teeth
Claws – Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown
‘Sail’ on the head – washed with Citadel Washes Baal Red
The rest washed with Citadel Devlan Mud.
Skin drybrushed with Vallejo 914 Green Ochre and stomach also drybrushed with Vallejo 976 Buff.
Tufts on the bases from Army Painter, lovely stuff.
Welcome follower Ender with the blog with a clever name - Ender’s games. Not so many posts, but what’s there is very nice photos of his painted figures.

Also a big welcome to Derys Naythas with the blog Full Thrust Reconquête. Lots of SF in French and Google Translate works well for us with rusty French.

Friday 13 September 2013

LRDG Chevy in 1/76 from Revell - WIP

Been working on this for a while, and it starts to look fit for fight. I still have to finish the crew-members, add a Boys ATR for the man riding shotgun and a magazine for the Vickers. Also some pigments here and there. But you get the feeling for how it will look.
A big welcome to follower Paul Smith. I couldn’t see if you have a blog of your own. If you have, then write a note below and I’ll put in a link to it.
I’ve passed 40K hits on the blog, and when I reach 50K and/or 100 followers there will be a blog give-away. Lots of stuff waiting for new owners.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

General Purpose Horse Wagon in 28mm from 4Ground

Another laser cut MDF-wagons from 4Ground. This one is a bit more complex than the Utility Cart, and took a bit longer to build. It could be built either as seen below, or with canopy hoops fitted as can be seen on the package.
It’s a very useful little model, wagons like this was used from the 16th century until early 20th century. Wild West is obvious.

Monday 9 September 2013

Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 in 1/72 from Airfix

I picked up this old Airfix set, Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 Mk II, a while ago at Hobbybokhandeln. Another ‘target’ for the LRDG, so it’s supposed to stand still on a desert airfield. No crews on board and a minimum of extra fluff - I skipped the optional armament and the torpedoes.
It’s an easy build, even though some of the pieces don’t fit that well. Some green stuff and sanding was needed here and there to cover the worst gaps.
Anyway, I wasn’t interested in a museum piece, as it is supposed to become wreathed in flames during the scenario we plan to do.
Paints used (as usual Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Interior: 906 Pale Blue
Sand colour: ArmyPainter spray Desert Yellow
Underside: 989 Sky Grey
Brown Camo: 984 Flat Brown
Propeller hub: Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red
Propeller blades and wheels: black
Exhausts: Vallejo Panzer Aces 302 Dark Rust
I painted all areas to have decals with gloss varnish, and then I used Vallejo Decal Medium on all decals when I placed them on the model. When dry I painted on Vallejo Decal Fix.
Everything was then coated with matte varnish.
It fits exactly into my Ikea drawers. If only a couple of millimeters higher, and I would have had to re-position the cental propeller.
Ready to be shot to pieces.

Saturday 7 September 2013

Utility Cart in 28mm from 4Ground

When I ordered some stuff from Alphaspel for later pick-up, I found some very interesting laser cut MDF-wagons from 4Ground. Eager to try something new, I bought two sets as they were rather cheap. 
I thought this one, “C19th Horse Drawn Utility Cart”, could work well in a fantasy setting, and also, of course, in the Wild West.

Assembly was extremely easy, and I had the kit done in 20 minutes. Very nice result – a very highly recommended kit.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Hotchkiss H35 in 20mm from Frontline

More resin models from Frontline, this time the French Hotchkiss H35.
The pieces was placed in water and machine-wash for about an hour, to get rid of the mould release.
Lots of bubbles and pits on the models, so quite a lot of preliminary work before I could start painting. Since I bought these I have seen that it is possible to buy these tanks in plastic, and I really think that would have been preferable, as the quality is somewhat lacking in these resin pieces. 
Colours used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted):
Base coat - 978 Dark Yellow
Green stripes – 894 Camouflage Olive Green
Borders – 980 Black Green
Exhaust – 302 Dark Rust
Tracks – Citadel Tin Bitz drybrushed with Citadel Chainmail
Washed with Citadel Devlan Mud overall and Citadel Black ink on springs.
Dusted with MIG pigments – P023 Black Smoke around the exhaust and P234 Rubble Dust and P029 Brick Dust overall.

Welcome follower InChigh74 with the blog 1914-45 – modelling and wargaming WWI and II. A really nice blog.

A farewell to Donald Featherstone, who has passed away.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

CPR - the one course you really should take

This weekend I was out in the outer archipelago, and, together with some friends, walked into a man having just had a heart attack.
Three of us jumped right into CPR (that is, heart compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). 17-18 minutes before a doctor who happened to be on the island arrived, and he had a defibrillator. 23 minutes until the ambulance-helicopter arrived. The longest 23 minutes in my life.
The man didn’t make it, which really feels like shit. But we gave him a chance, and that is what everyone could do.
We all had CPR-training, and that is what this post is all about.
If you haven’t had CPR-training you really should go a course. Ask your employer if they could sponsor it (if they are half descent they should) or just do it yourself.
Next time it could be someone close to you, and just knowing that you at least gave them a chance is worth everything. Believe me.

More info on CPR on Wikipedia, where you can find information in several different languages.