Monday, 6 July 2015

Pulp Alley – Perilous Island campaign, scenario 1 – Hidalgo Fire

In the previous adventure our heroes found a clue to the rather forgotten Forgotten Island, a not so fabled place as it is mostly unknown. Goes with the name, I guess.
Anyway, to get more information we need to find Lady Elane Darrow and she was last seen in Mexico, excavating Toltec ruins.
After a long trip with planes, trains, automobiles and finally burros we have Lady Elaine’s camp in sight.
A bird's view of the gaming table. 
We're goint to get Lady Eliane (major plot point, in the middle of the table), her diary in one of the tents (monor plot point), an ancient artifact (on the right, will impress Benito), Elaines luggage (could hold important clues) and her loyal maid.
But what is that? Damnation, more adventurers seem to have Lady Elaine in their sights. Now we must rush to get our hands on all the stuff!
The antagonists in this game:
The CSSS – Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede. Not a lot of extra hands this time, just José, a level 1 shooter.
Order of the Blue Tie – the snob dressed in green and with a double barrel shotgun is their leader, and that dog is one mean sidekick (the handler is only for show). A new gang.
The Belgian League led by Dr. Castroulle, the King of Pommes Frites, as usual. We've met them before.
Three belgians set up in the middle of this picture. They have their eyes set on the ancient artifact on the lower part of the pic. Two blue-tied gentlemen in the upper right corner, ready to rush the maid to their left. Two more lower right, ready to contest the artifact.
The leader of the Order of the Blue Tie, his dog sidekick and a follower sets up in the jungle. They have their eyes on the burro with Lady Elaine's luggage.
The CSSS sets up in the lower lefthand corner. We intend to take the diary in the tent and have a go at Lady Elaine.
One member of the Order moves on the artifact, and fells a Belgian with a well aimed shot. He unfortunately meets Miss Mayhem, or rather her sledge-hammer. Poor chap.
Our men moves close to the tent while Belgians moves towards Lady Elaine.
The Order sidekick attacks poor José...
Monsignore secures the diary while the the Order tries to secure the luggage. They succeeds only partially.
The Belgians seduces the maid behind the back of one of the gentlemen of the Order.
My soldiers fells one of the Belgians skulking about.
Padre Sicario fells one of the Order while their leader secures the luggage.
The rabid Order Sidekick attacks and fells first Soura Innocenza...
...and then Padre Sicario. Catastrophy!
A new round and Soura is out of the game while Padre stands up.
Miss Mayhem defends the artifact
Monignore Cadaverica retreats with his plot point.
At the start of round four mysterious agent sets of four incendiary explosives. The 3" bursts will be extremely perilous for the remainder of the game. One hits the Leader of the Order.
Monsignore and a brave soldier gets that Pesky Belgian once and for all and then retreats to the table corner, out of harm's way.
This burst hits the close combat and fells Padre.
The Order tries to sweet-talk Lady Elaine into joining them, but she hates their fashon sense and rejects their offer. Blue ties! What were they thinking of?
Another incendiary bomb fells a Belgian gentleman
The Belgian leader fells the man from the Order
and Miss Mayhem knocks the teeth out of another
The last round and Padre rises again but his pith helmet catches fire and he faints one last time.
Frantic scramblings to secure and protect the plot points. The game ends with
The luggagge securely in the hands of the Order
Lady Elaine sweet talked into helping the Belgians
The CSSS with the diary
Miss Mayhem in control of the artifact
The maid abducted by the Belgian leauge.
I made a lot of mistakes here, the primary one was that I forgot that the most important thing is the plot points and not killing other characters. The latter is of course always great fun, but it might not be the smartest thing to do with your meagre assets. Well, there will be more games.

That was the first scenario of the Perilous Island campaign. A really good campaign-booklet for and from Pulp Alley. It is also available as a PDF.

Welcome followers Myincubliss and José Rocha.


  1. Another brilliant Pulp Alley AAR!

    1. Thank you!
      Considering the number of scenarios in this campaign there will be a lot more :-)

  2. "Padre rises again but his pith helmet catches fire..."

    I can state categorically that this is the first time in human history the above situation has ever been described.

    What an entertaining AAR! I will clearly have to give Pulp Alley a try sometime.

    1. :-)
      It is a very fun game and you often will get hilarious situations. Then, with some imagination, you can spin a good tale.

  3. Great AAR! and great looking terrain and minis!

  4. Nicely done, love your elements of terrain...

    1. We played at Little Wars gaming club (you'll find a link on the right hand column quite near the top) and all terrain is from there.
      Some of it is made by me, but most by others.

  5. I very much like your large hill terrain. Did you make it yourself or buy it? Possibly made of bark chips?

    1. All terrain-pieces are made by members of the Little Wars gaming club. I'm only guilty of the big hut and tents on this game-board, I'm afraid.
      I do believe you are right about the hills being made of bark, they are quite light.