Wednesday 26 July 2017

Civilians from Blue Moon and Artizan

Still painting civilians. 
First off are the final two from Artizan Designs’ Department of Paranormal Studies II pack. I bought the pack to get the priest that I have used in one of my Pulp Alley leagues.
These two will see more or less action as hapless civilians that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment.
Also a couple of females from Blue Moon Manufacturing’s Slice of Americana pack. These sculpts are rather old and shows it, I’m afraid.
Anyway, they will walk around in the background in some pulp or gangster games, and the one in green dress could even work in a fantasy setting.

Thursday 20 July 2017

Ancient Temple from Zealot Miniatures

This Ancient Temple from Zealot Miniatures is finally finished. It was another of those pieces that was half-painted on the painting table. There was a quite noticeable gap between one of the pillars and the roof that I was annoyed with and that kind of put a damper on the whole thing.
The other day I found a box of Poison Ivy from Army Painter stashed away among other terrain-stuff and that spelled the end of the gap.
After drybrushing with different greys, browns and greens I super glued the poison ivy in place and tried to hide the gap as well as I could. This temple will serve well in both fantasy and Pulp/Cthulhu-settings.
I’m really pleased with it.
Zealot’s got a lot of interesting stuff in their store and a visit there might prove expensive J

Monday 10 July 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague – Evil Troy and Queen Medea

Evil Troy and Queen Medea
These two are Necromancers with special rules for use in Black Plague.
We’re going to use multiple Necromancers for a change to spice up our games.
Evil Troy could also be used as an adventurer as an added bonus.

It’s summer which means more time outdoors and less time with paints and brush, so expect about one post a week the next month or so.
Tyresta National Park, Friday July 7.