Sunday, 20 January 2019

Female Pulp Explorers from Bad Squiddo Games (and 3D printing)

Got these female explorers painted. They are from Annie Norman’s Bad Squiddo Games, sculpted by Shayne Hoyle, and they are great.
When I see the photo of them I think I should have painted their eyes, but when you see them in the flesh (or should that be tin?) they look good enough. I think that is what I should strive for, to actually get minis to the gaming table.

I’ve had some problems with the 3D-printer from early December. Filament extrusion wouldn’t work as it should and everything turned into crap most of the time. I tried everything to solve the problem, but nothing worked.
Well, not until I thought of ambient temperature. I had the printer in our garage, i.e. my hobby-room. It’s the coldest part of the house, and now, with winter in full swing, it was down to 160C in there. That proved to be the thing. I moved the printer up to an empty bedroom, turned it on this morning, and it worked just like it should. Yay!
It’s happily printing away as I write this.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Spaceships, a whole town, a citadel, trees and Normandy

Five new interesting 3D-printing projects this time.

Wow. Just Wow!
What’s not to like with this campaign? Three modular spaceship-models that can become a fleet of different variants.
Not only that, they have fully playable modular interiors, too.
Everything looks absolutely fantastic.
As a bonus this kickstarter is Swedish.
Do check this out right away, or at least not later than February 15 2019.

Ever wanted a whole city to play your fantasy or Victorian Sci-Fi games in? If “yes” then take a look at this, as it might be just what you are looking for.
Modular houses, roofs, streets, castle, bridges and more.
Fantastic stuff.
There are also a lot of add-ons. Everything from airships to huge monsters.
Absolutely worth a look, and do look before the campaign ends on February 14 2019.

Are you even a bit interested in a modular, OpenLOCK compatible citadel, with towers, walls and roads?
If yes, then this is for you.
A truly great looking kit, with a huge number of individual pieces, so you can design a fort to your liking.
Check it out before this kickstarter ends on February 8 2019.

We can’t let our little tin-soldiers do all their adventuring in towns and forts, can we?
Here’s stuff to take it all outdoors, with a chance of printing a really clever forest of your own.
You can adventure in the tree-tops thanks to the smart design of the leafs, making gameable platforms.
A very nice set of trees, well worth a look. Do it on February 7 2019 at the latest.

Here we have Jens Najewitz’ great looking WWII-terrain again.
Jens had two Normandy campaigns on Kickstarter, and here we see most of them on Indiegogo.
There might be a couple of new models also, I’m not sure.
I backed his first Normandy campaign, and I’m just now printing the farmstead, which looks great.
Here’s a great way to get a very nice set of buildings, and vehicles, suitable for your WWII Normandy gaming. They do work just as well for Pulp and modern gaming, too.
Check it out before February 13 2019.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
Do you want a look at reviews of 3D-printing stuff then check here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © 2nd Dynasty, Rocket Pig Games, Jeremy Gosser, The Exotic Greeble and Jens Najewitz respectively and used with permission.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Zombie Wolfs for Zombicide: Black Plague

This is a record for me! 25 minis painted in less than two weeks.
We play quite a lot of Zombicide: Black Death at the club, and, as I had the Wulfsburg expansion in the plastics mountain, I thought it would be a good idea to get those zombie wolves painted so we could get started on these new scenarios.
In the box are 21 zombie wolfs, of three different casts, and one large wolf abomination. There are also four heroes, but I haven’t started on them yet.
I painted the wolfs in my tried and tested winter-wolf scheme, which is fast and looks good enough.
When I was at it, I also finished two wolf zombies from Reaper and a wolf from the Shadows of Brimstone game. The zombies were rather nice but the resin Brimstone wolf really wasn’t. Their resin is crap, unfortunately.
Anyway, I’m really satisfied with how this turned out. Lots of painted minis in a short time and they look all right. What’s not to like?

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Underdark, Hell, Sci-Fi and more

A new year and it has started rather well on the 3D-printing crowdfunding area. Sci-Fi, Underdark, Hell and modern. Something for most everyone. Let’s jump right into it.
(Remember you can click on the pics to get bigger ones)

I started writing about this kickstarter… looked a bit more… Underdark… thought a bit… pledged. Well, in my defence I have a D&D campaign that is moving deeper and deeper into a dungeon and they just might enter the Underdark in a while.
You’ll get pillars, stalagmites, pools and whatnot for your caverns and buildings suitable for dark elves and other nasties. If you want to, then there are also pledge-levels where you’ll get figures.
As a free (for everyone) extra you'll get DungeonSticks, a clever system of making cavern-walls in a hurry. That in itself is worth a look!
I really like this and you should have a look, too. Plenty of time for that as the campaign closes on February 3, 2019.

Modular buildings and smashed up cars, what’s not to like.
A freebie for everyone!
Suitable for modern and post-apocalypse settings, and the wooden buildings could even be used in an Old West setting.
It's all OpenLOCK where applicable, which is a big bonus in my book.
Check it out before January 14 2019.

A fellow Swede have made this kickstarter to fund a series of Sci-Fi inspired walkways and some scatter terrain.
These look really good and walkways are a great way to make your tabletop three dimensional.
Really affordable, too, as everything will only set you back around $10.
Well worth a visit before February 1 2019.

More printable goodness from Project Mobius with this bunch of Sci-Fi buildings and structures.
They’ve got a nice techy look and would work very well in a game of Infinity, or any non-grimdark-future setting.
Great stuff! Check it out before February 8 2019.

How about a trip to the dark side (as if we haven’t been there already with all the drow-stuff) with a visit to the hot realms of Hell.
Choose between rocky scatter terrain, a modular City of Dis, denizens of Hell or everything in one big pledge. There is even a game here.
These pieces looks great and will find lots of use even outside the nether regions.
Check it all out before February 6 2019.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
Do you want a look at reviews of 3D-printing stuff then check here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Evan Carothers, Hayland Terrain, Tainted Brush Studio, Project Mobius and Ill Gotten Games respectively and used with permission.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 in the rearview mirror

A game of Dux Britanniarum in full swing. We use Lord of Rings figures and the heroic Free Men are getting squashed (mainly on my flank) in this Xmas-game with Laffe, Thomas and Koen.

Another year gone and even more minis painted.
I had a goal that the tin- and plastics-mountain would actually be smaller at the end of the year, so let’s see how that turned out (for an explanation on the idea and how I count see here)
A shoot-out with  the Fistful of Lead-rules at the Club.
The year in summary:
Well, my fingers sort of slipped on a couple of Kickstarters this year; Uboot (8 minis, as 1/72 figures counts as ½ a mini), Cthulhu – Death must Die (84 minis) and Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon (38). Minis from these do count, as I count models when they are actually bought. On top of that a box of 40 farmyard animals, a couple of tanks in different scales, a few airplanes, 44 Vikings and a handful of other minis.
234 models bought, far more than expected.
Being swamped at Zombicide: Black Death

I have really excavated the tin- and plastics-mountain this year. Stuff I know won’t be painted have been sold off or put in the For Sale-box at the club. With another hundred hitting the sales-box in December I’ve reached 285 minis.


All of the Mesozoic critters.
It’s been a modest year of painting, as I have just finished 139 minis. You’ve seen most of them here already. The year ended with the final dinosaurs from Tamiya’s excellent Mesozoic Creatures boxes (I got two) and a couple of random 28mm figures.
Finished in December: A Prospector from Brimstone and The Major from SMOG: Rise of Moloch (and I painted another 5 zombies for SMOG also, but no pics of those)
Terrain-wise it has been much better, with lots of different terrain finished, much of it 3D-printed.
A game of D&D in the printed dungeons.
So my goal was reached! I actually sold more minis than I bought and with the models painted I reached -190 models. Not bad at all.

I finally bought a new 3D-printer this fall, a Prusa i3 Mk3. It’s been printing mainly dungeon-pieces for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but also some scatter terrain and a couple of houses. You’ll see more on the dungeon soon.

One of the demo-games of What A Tanker we staged at Smashcon.
Well, I think that neatly sums up 2018. A good year in many respects, even though it was rather weak on painted minis.

So, what about 2019?
I will try to shrink the tin- and plastics-mountain even more, that’s for sure. Otherwise, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.

I wish you all a very good 2019. Hope to see you all in this and other blogs, and maybe meet some of you in the flesh.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Nativity Scene – Part 3

It’s that time of year again. The Nativity Scene demands an upgrade.
Last year was a bit of a downer as I started on the backdrop too late, it took far too long to make and was ready around New Year.
This year I made a new ground-/road-section and added vegetation. In time!
As we celebrate Xmas tomorrow, on the 24th, I have to run off and buy the last of the food, bake some julvört (a Christmas bread flavoured with porter, ginger, clove, Seville orange and other exotic stuff. Excellent!), glaze the Christmas ham and drink far too much mumma.
There will be a post later with more details of stuff used for the Nativity Scene.
Enjoy the pics and have a really great vacation.