Saturday 31 August 2019

3D-printed houses for Rangers of Shadow Deep and other games

It’s been awfully quiet here, as it’s been summer and I’ve had a bit of a blogging burn-out. I think I’m more or less back on track now, so there will be more posts coming soon.
Here are some buildings I printed during the last couple of weeks. I made them for the first scenario of Rangers of Shadow Deep, so now I will have an opportunity to try that game out.
This, the biggest house, is made by Printable Scenery, and is called Winterdale Small Cottage. You can buy that as it is, or as part of a fantasy building bundle. The latter seem to be on sale at the moment, so it might be a good idea to check that out if you’re interested. A couple more of those buildings are in the printing queue, so you might see more of that soon.
Anyway, this is really the nicest of the lot, with lots of details and lots of character. A great kit.
Next up is Small Medieval House from Thingiverse. A bit more basic, but a nice little kit. Can’t complain about the price, as free is hard to beat.

The Little Cottage is another Thingiverse model, also free. I really like it as it is well detailed, and it has the option of inserting a piece of transparent plastic sheet as window glass. Great model.

Finally we have a hut from 3D-print-terrain and their Age of Pirates set. It’s rather simple and crude, but prints very fast and will see use both in fantasy, pulp and other settings. A really useful model.
I’m really happy with how these turned out.
Next, there’s a bunch of desert style buildings that I’ve finished. But more on those in a future post.