Sunday, 27 March 2016

Kickstarter Watch – French Vehicles of WWII

Fancy some hard to get French vehicles in 1/56 scale (28mm) or 1/72 scale (20mm)? 
Or maybe some even harder to get German variants of said vehicles?
28mm version
20mm version
Here’s the chance! Mad Bob is here with two new kickstarter. The 28mm version well into the stretch-goals (add-on vehicles) and what is there makes me drool. 
Citroen Kegresse in 1/72 scale.
Fortunately I don’t do Early War in 28mm so I thought I would survive this without backing, but Bob has also started a mirror kickstarter for the same vehicles in 20mm , and there’s a great chance that I accidentally buy a vehicle or several.
I 'accidentally' backed his last Hungarian Tanks kickstarter and the truck I got was really nice. Recommended.

All photos and illustrations © Mad Bob Miniatures and used with permission.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Kickstarter Watch – Hollywood Havoc

Fancy some slightly different zombie-hunters?
How about Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe?
Maybe a couple of monsters too, like Frankenstein’s Monster or The Wolfman?
Zombies, of course there are zombies.
Even rules so you can play with your toys in Hollywoodland Theme Park.
Great minis that are bound to get some laughter at the gaming table. Check out HollywoodHavoc. Ends on April 3.

All photos and illustrations © Studio Miniatures and used with permission.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Frostgrave – first game

I brought the Frostgrave rules to the club the other day for a game. Due to some cancellations it turned out that we were only two there. My opponent, Andy, didn’t know the rules and neither did he have a warband. That was a blessing in disguise as we had to go through the rules together and that gave me a well needed refresher. Anyway, I have to say I’m very satisfied with the rules as they were really easy to teach and making a warband with a brand new wizard and an apprentice was done in a rather short time.
We did a straight up game with six treasures to catch. Terrain is some of the stuff I have recently made and some stuff we found at the club.
My warband, from left to right: Archer, wolf animal companion, tracker, crossbowman, infantryman, witch, apprentice, 3 thiefs.
Andy's warband: 3 man-at-arms, apprentice, necromancer, 3 thiefs (I think that was what he choose, I might be wrong here). One problem was the total lack of soldiers with ranged weapons. A big mistake. The necromancer raise a zombie before the game also.
The board after turn one. The six treasures in red circles. Necromancer and warband in green and witch and warband in blue.
Crossbowman and tracker shoots at one of the opposition soldiers and the first man falls. Hooray!
My apprentice moves up and tries a Telekinesis spell on the treasure by the ruin, and fails miserably and takes a wound.
A new round and the wolf attacks the necromancer apprentice while my infantryman moves forward.

The evil (they are Necromancers, after all!) opposition takes all three of 'their' treasures. Things are not looking good.
The zombie shuffles forward and engages my infantryman.
My two thieves secures one treasure.
While my lone mini-thief secures the second treasure and starts to run home while the apprentice covers him. And by the way he fails another spell, this time a Poison Dart to slow the soldier with the treasure.
That wolf doesn't do much damage but neither does the necromances apprentice. Stalemate as the just bang away at each other.
There goes the zombie!
Man-at-arms rushes my shooters and is attacked by my tracker. 
My thief rushes in behind the apprentice, who is now surrounded.
The battlefield. The necromancer is peppered with arrows as soon as he shows himself and he wisely draws back.
The man-at-arms draws back and engages my thief. My witch tries to use Telekinesis on the treasure, fails and is hurt for one health. 
The necromancer apprentice wins over the wolf and pushes him back while the man-at-arms fells my thief. The apprentice rushes up the pyramid to try to stop my thief running away with treasure.
Meanwhile my tracker does what she is good at, and one enemy is down.
Things start to look grim for the man-at-arms.
My bowmen attacks the necromancer. Not looking good for him at all. 
Another man down! My witch finally moves the treasure with a successfully cast Telekinesis.
The necromancer show what he's made of and runs away.
With a well aimed crossbow bolt the necromancer apprentice falls and with that the game is over.
My treasures turned out to be 290 gold coins, three potions (healing, strength and invisibility), a Grimoire with Planar Tear (making it possible to learn that spell) and an Orb of Power. A decent loot I think.
Everything went really smooth even though this was our first game, and I have to say that is entirely due to the really good rules. We forgot a couple of things during the game but figured it out rather immediately and could backtrack (we forgot to deduct the armour value from the damage made the first time I hit and instead of taking out two soldiers I only manage to take out one – not too bad though).
Also we forgot to check what happened with the fallen figures after the game. A fallen fig is not necessarily dead, but he could recover between games. Not a big problem for me, as I only lost a measly thief, but Andy lost his apprentice and a lot of soldiers.
Anyway I let my son witness my dice-rolling and checked for the thief, and he did survive unscathed.
One thing I didn’t think of when I choose spells for my wizard was that you get experience points for taking out enemies and I built my witch as a mostly supportive wizard. So I don’t have any spells that do damage. Well, I bought crossbows for wizard and apprentice and I’m saving money so I can buy and learn Bone Dart. Just a couple of hundred more gold coins and I’m there.

All in all a very enjoyable game and I’m sure to play Frostgrave many more times.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Rice Paddies

Gothcon XL is in just a couple of days and so is our game of Chain of Command set in Dien Bien Phu – Hell in a Very Small Place. It’s a participation game where you will play either Viet Minh or French Colonial Paras, like we did in our test-game a couple of weeks ago.
Here we have the finished rice paddies in fallow we started working on during our terrain weekend. It’s amazing what some paint and water effect can do.

I used this water effect for the first time. It didn't look too good as is, so I added some of the red-brown paint to get a muddy look. I wouldn't have minded one more layer of the guck, but it takes a couple of days to dry, though, and I don't want to risk it being sticky when I have to pack it up.
With that, everything on my list is done and packed. I’m ready for some games and if you happen to be at Gothcon do come by and say hi! We will probably set the game up on Thursday evening and play all through Friday and Saturday, even though I’m off to play some other stuff also.
Viet Minh showing just how good clear bases are :-)

Friday, 18 March 2016

Baldric the Wizard from Zombicide: Black Plague

Baldric ready for action.
It’s a joy to play Zombicide: Black Plague with painted figures. Well, it’s obviously a joy to play any game with painted figs instead of unpainted.
Halfway into the game and we're having serious problems with the fatties. At this stage  only the dwarf coould take them out.
Anyway, Thomas and I had two games (one very fast and humiliating defeat and one victory) on Wednesday and it was great fun. There were unfortunately a lot of unpainted plastics on the table, but I’m working on it.
We're down to four adventurers here, everyone is hurt and it looks rather grim. All those zombies are heading our way and they're after our brains... We get another loss but manages to finish the game with very little margin.
Baldric was barely dry when he had to do his duty and fight during yesterdays’ game. I had a chance to take a couple of pics of him before I left for the club.

I tried to paint him like the illustration in the rules-book to make identification easy on the gaming board, and I think it turned out quite well.
One down, three to go (plus the abomination, the necromancer and a lot of zombies, of course...)

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Raven Clan from Blood Rage

I have a small problem.
I got a big box of goodies a couple of months ago – the loot from the Blood Rage Kickstarter. Great stuff, lots of minis and I started painting them.
Then another big box arrives – more loot, this time the first batch from the Zombicide: Black Plague kickstarter. Lovely figs and I started painting them.
And then another big box – the first batch from the Mercs kickstarter. Nice figs and I started to assemble and paint them.
Hey, hold it! That’s a lot of figures (and more to come) and I can do a little bit of everything and never be finished or I could concentrate on one game at a time and actually play with painted figs in at least one game. The last option is what I went for.
I guess you think I decided to paint my Blood Rage stuff first, but nope. Zombicide is what I’m concentrating on and these Blood Rage figs are those half-finished ones I just wanted to rid the painting table off. So I finished these in an evening and they are the boss, two soldiers (of a total of eight with these two sculpts) and the final mystic (I painted one before).
As you can see they are full of details and they really take some time to finish. Blue is the clan colour and I will let everyone have blue coats to be able to easily differentiate them on the gaming table.

Next post will be another hero from Zombicide and after that it will be a mix of Zombicide and other stuff. There is just no way I’m just painting stuff for one game…

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Kickstarter watch – Darklight: Memento Mori

Another interesting game hits the Kickstart scene, and it’s called Darklight: Memento Mori. It’s a co-op dungeon crawler set in a dystopian world with medieval influences and looks really dark in a good way.
You’re part of a company of Accursed, a group of cursed individuals that somehow seem to be important in the fight against evil while at the same time they are in no way knights in shining armour. There is a fifteen page downloadable lore-book describing the world for those of us that want to immerse ourselves in the background of this world, and it is a really nice production. Well worth a read.
You can also download preliminary rules and from a cursory look they seem to be well presented, and there is a comprehensive index! Yay!
(That is something that is often missed or ignored by games producer and all too often it ends in endless searches for that rule you just know is there sometimes (I’m looking at you, Flying Frog Productions with your stupid rules-books for Shadows of Brimstone).)
There are more than 70 plastic pre-assembled miniatures in the base game. Four Accursed and a bunch of monsters and they do look great. Some stretch goals are already unlocked with more to come, and among those goals are more Accursed (which I think is crucial), more monsters and more cards.

So, we have rules, lore, nice art, a video explaining the basics, great looking miniatures, dungeon tiles, cards and an interesting concept. What’s not to like?
(Click on the pic to get a bigger image)
I think it is well worth a look and maybe a pledge, too. Check it out before it ends on March 28!
All photos and illustrations © Dark Ice Games and used with permission.