Friday 15 June 2018

SAGA – Viking archers finished

The final six Viking archers was finished the other day. They will make a nice unit of levies together with the first batch.

Monday 11 June 2018

May – Miniatures Tally

It’s been a month with extreme weather, warmth like in high summer and sun the whole month. I think it rained one day for about five minutes. That weather, combined with work, a major renovation of the summer place and a garden that needed love and care made this a quiet month where nothing much happened modelling-wise. 

May summed up:
Five zombies for Rise of Moloch, more on those later when all are finished, and a couple of birds…
Did some terrain for my circus/carnival, but that doesn't count in the tally.
Total: - 11

The month started with a 1/35 scale T-34…. Yep, we have another “little” gaming project going J More on that later.
Then it went downhill. My pal Koen wanted to buy a Warlord barn, and for just a couple of £ more you could get a Farmyard Animal set with that. Was I interested? Yep, and with that came 40 animals, some are tiny but still count. 
I will paint through most of them fast, I hope. Anyway excellent scatter-‘terrain’.
Total: +41

Sold or given away:
Total: - 0

Bought:           105
Painted:          -66
Sale:              -129

Total:            - 90