Wednesday 20 December 2017

KV47 Engineer versions

KV47-G Mikhail armed with a sulfur jet and pincer. Ordinary SSU-soldier as size-comparison.
Here we have one kit with four versions of the SSU walker KV47 for Dust.
KV47-H Maksim with a chainsaw and pincer
KV47-I Marlen armed with monkey wrench and pincer
The KV47 from behind

KV47-J Melor with a 45mm howitzer and monkey wrench

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Cardboard buildings from Metcalfe

The Metcalfe Factory situated in Oosterbeek just before a lot of paras appear.
My pals Koen, Thomas and Daniel staged a participation game of Chain of Command at Smashcon the other week. I was fully occupied with gaming with my son David during that day (and with daughter Johanna the next) so the only thing I did for that game was to bring some houses, among them a cardboard factory I made several years ago.
Another view of Oosterbeek
That got me thinking of those unbuilt kits from Metcalfe that were hidden in the bottom of my mini-mountain of terrain-pieces.
The rest of the Factory
I got the remaining building from the 00/H0 Small Factory box and also 00 Water Tower and Sand House. They are really excellent stuff, easy and fast to build.

Sand House
I will probably use pigments to dirty them up a bit, but I prefer to do that outside as it is rather messy and we’ve just got a lot of snow here so that will have to wait.
Water Tower

Saturday 9 December 2017

Dig Hill 80: Excavating an Endangered WW1 Battlefield

My pal Thomas pointed me to a project that is dear to my heart, namely an archaeological dig of a German WWI strongpoint
They, a very professional team, have reached out on Kickstarter to get funds for a dig before the plot of land is used for housing or whatnot.
If you’re in any way interested in Military History then this is an excellent way to contribute.

Do check it out, and, if you have the funds, consider backing this really important project.

All photos © Simon Verdegem and used with permission.

Wednesday 6 December 2017

More scenery from Zealot

I haven't had much time to paint during the last week or so, due to a gaming con during the weekend, a new job and life getting in the way.
Unholy Portal with a transparent red portal insert in the middle.
Anyway, here are a couple of scenery-pieces from Zealot that I finished a couple of days ago.
I'll hopefully get an hour or so at the painting table this evenening. There are a lot of stuff needing paint.