Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wooden pipeline still in use

I visited Gävle for a birthday party the other week, and whilst walking to the party from the cabin where we slept over I saw this:
It is a wooden pipeline, still in use, transporting 10 000 m3 of water an hour. Built in 1952 to supply fresh water to a paper mill close by.

Fascinating to see something like this in these days.


  1. That is pretty awesome. Here in northern Utah there are some really cool hiking trails up along the Wasatch front (local mountain range) where you can still see some wooden pipeline that was used for a sawmill and in another area where one was used for agricultural irrigation I believe. Both of those date to the early 20th century (if not the late 19th). In fact I was on a hike recently with some friends and I pointed to it and told them what it was and they didn't believe me that indeed there have been pipelines made from wood ... :)

    1. Thanks for the info. Sounds as if they are not in use now...?