Friday, 19 September 2014

Hangar in 1/72 scale

I got this kit last winter, started building it and put it away as I needed to spray-paint the components and that is best done outside when the weather is decent. So, off course, I forgot it.
During my big drive to tidy up and organise my gaming stuff, the hangar surfaced. As one of my goals this year is to finish all my half-made stuff, this got a bit of priority.
It’s a laser-cut cardboard kit and produced by GPM, a Polish company. It is cleverly done with corrugated cardboard for all the walls and the roof.
Construction of the kit is a bit fiddly, and especially the beams are prone to bend when you put them together and when you place the beams onto the walls. I used a good trick I learned from Battle Systems; I coated the fragile ends with super glue, turning them rock-hard.
A good advice is to dry-fit everything before gluing (I used superglue gel) as the instruction sheet isn’t very clear. I assembled the individual walls first and then put them together as an open box. Attached the girders for the roof after that, and when dry attached the corrugated roof. I then glued the hangar onto the ground-sheet and finally attached the doors.
I attached the windows in a different way that the instructions said, as I thought that looked better. So, do try everything out beforehand.
The end result is an enormous hangar. Really good-looking and a very useful addition to our Italian desert airfield. Soon to be raided by LRDG.



  1. It looks amazing. When will we blow it up?

  2. Very cool - I like that last shot - from ground level.

    1. Took that to show the girders. Impressive kit.

  3. it looks brilliant do you no where I could get one of several from in 1:72 scale

    1. I got mine directly from GMT at

  4. Hi . I also have the 1/72 Hangar bought from the "polish" company - sadly they didn't send a compliment slip with I want to build another. I build 1/56th but reckon a 1/72 of such a large building wouldn't cause such a major hardship ? Can you remember the name of the company ?

  5. Hi John
    We have used this for 1/56 games also, but obviously for smaller planes.
    Here's the company
    Cheers and happy modelling