Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Skeleton Throne from Reaper

This is another mini from the Reaper Bones II kickstarter. It is the Dragoth the Defiler, Undead Lord on Throne kit sculpted by Bob Ridolphi, but obviously without Dragoth. It’s got number 77201 in the DarkHeaven Bones series and you can get it in metal too.
It will probably be more useful without the skellie, so I removed that and green-stuffed the resulting hole in the seat. I can always paint up the skeleton later and place it on the throne if I need to. Maybe an evil overlord for a pulp-game will sit on it one day. You never know.
I used Vallejo Iraqui Sand for the throne, Vallejo Game Color Bone White for skulls and bones and Citadel Scab Red for cloth, followed by a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink.

Speaking of Bones kickstarters, there is another one going on just now – Reaper Miniatures Bones III. I guess it will be an insane amount of Reaper figures for a very reasonable price, so it might be worth it to have a look.

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