Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Cardboard buildings from Metcalfe

The Metcalfe Factory situated in Oosterbeek just before a lot of paras appear.
My pals Koen, Thomas and Daniel staged a participation game of Chain of Command at Smashcon the other week. I was fully occupied with gaming with my son David during that day (and with daughter Johanna the next) so the only thing I did for that game was to bring some houses, among them a cardboard factory I made several years ago.
Another view of Oosterbeek
That got me thinking of those unbuilt kits from Metcalfe that were hidden in the bottom of my mini-mountain of terrain-pieces.
The rest of the Factory
I got the remaining building from the 00/H0 Small Factory box and also 00 Water Tower and Sand House. They are really excellent stuff, easy and fast to build.

Sand House
I will probably use pigments to dirty them up a bit, but I prefer to do that outside as it is rather messy and we’ve just got a lot of snow here so that will have to wait.
Water Tower


  1. Their very good Joakim, card building gets you a very realistic looking pieces I've often thought about going down that road.

    1. Hi Frank!
      Yeah, these are affordable, surprisingly good and look really swell on the gmaing table. Well worth a try.