Monday, 20 August 2012

Hasegawa 88mm Flak 18 in 1/72

This kit has been in the “mountain” ever since I decided to re-start WWII, in 2007. It was time to do something about it, and you could always use an 88… I built this and a couple of other German guns at the same time.
The cover of the box is somewhat misleading, as you think the crew would be in desert uniform, but it turns out they are very much in ordinary, early war, uniforms. More on those in a future post, as I’m not finished with them just yet.
The kit comprises one gun, the boogies, six crew and some ammo-boxes and shells.
It’s an easy build, nothing very fiddly or unclear, yet well detailed. A good kit.
Paint is the usual Vallejo 995 German Grey, drybrushed with 992 Neutral Grey. 
Weathered with a mix of Vallejo and MIG pigments, and they look more red in the pictures than they do in real life.

A rather easy build, giving good results. Recommended.


  1. Nice! I bought this very kit when Tennsoldaten on Rörstrandsgatan closed down a many years ago, might be time to bring it out of the basement.

  2. Tennsoldaten - sadly missed.
    Yep, time to dig it up, we could always use another 88.


  3. Looking good... I have that one too, somewhere, or if it's the Fujimi one, can't remember. Also missing Tennsoldaten...

    I remember building the Tamiya 1/35 version ages ago, and it had rubber cables for the big drums on the boogies, so I'm not sure they are steel cables or something else.

  4. I also had the Tamiya verion a very long time ago. You're right, it had a oft platic cable. Thanks for that reminder.
    I have reference books for about everything WWII, but I'm sadly missing one on German guns. I ordered one from Adlibris a couple of days ago. The first thing I will do is check on the 'cables'