Friday, 31 August 2012

28mm Wood Elf Ranger from Chainmail/WotC

This figure, sculpted by Paul Muller, was two-part, with the second part obviously the left-hand hand-axe. That needed pinning, but it was easy. A good sculpt, if somewhat two-dimensional. The figure is used as a commander in the AD&D-based Chainmail skirmish game (RIP) from WotC.
I decided to paint him as a heavily armoured fighter instead of a ranger, that is, metal armour instead of leather.
Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Armour – Citadel Chainmail
Wood – Panzer Aces 310 Old Wood
Cloak, inside – 913 Yellow Ochre
Cloak, fur – 987 Medium Grey
Leather – 843 Cork Brown
Flesh – 955 Flat Flesh
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink
Hair – Coat d’Arms 223 Horse Tone Chestnut with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone ink.


  1. Good to see a chainmail mini. They had quite a few rangers in that series including Gnolls, Ogres, and dwarves.

  2. You will see more Chainmail elves the next couple of weeks.
    Yes, lots of rangers, and often rather nice figures. Sorry WotC killed the line.