Saturday, 20 August 2011

Book review: Dardanelles patrol

By Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter, 1964
A book I got from my father, who is interested in military history, just like me, but more towards the navy side. I was rather skeptical about this book, to say the least, but I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised.
This is about the British submarine E-11 that breached the Dardanelles during the Gallipoli campaign  in 1915. I had read about this submarine fleetingly, so I knew it existed, but that was about it.
We meet the crew on the journey into the Mediterranean, and travel with them through the Dardanelles and into the Sea of Marmara, where they see a lot of action. Really interesting about a rather unknown part of WWI.
The book reads like a novel, and hard to put down once you start reading. Highly recommended.
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  1. My great grandfather Robert Brown was the navigator aboard the E11, I have his medals including the DSM he was awarded. Interesting fella, he was born on the sister clipper of the famous Cutty Sark - called the John Gambles, whilst it was rounding cape horn.

  2. You never know the response on a post, and this was the most unusual yet. Very cool!
    I guess he was interesting.
    Thank you so much for thisfeedback


  3. I came across a copy of it recently, and thoroughly recommend it.