Wednesday, 30 November 2011

28mm Kobolds from Otherworld

These kobolds come from the KB4 – Kobold Command Set from Otherworld. With that set are also two guards armed with polearms, but I painted those a year ago.
Skin painted with Vallejo 940 Saddle Brown, which I think turned out to dark. I will try something lighter for next batch.
Cloak – 821 German Camouflage Beige, fur coat 981 Orange Brown. The usual Army Painter Strong Coat and matte varnish.
Lovely figures from my favourite company. Their figures are real nostalgia trips to the good old days of AD&D 1st edition. Highly recommended.

I bought a new round of figures from Otherworld the other week, and they will hit the painting table soon.


  1. Very nice painted figures, just like the others I've seen on your blog! Wich is a great one!


  2. Thank you Peter, and welcome to the blog. Yours nice too!