Monday, 28 January 2019

3D-printed cargo piles, barrel cart and more

Got a bunch of 3D-printed stuff ready for gaming.
The cargo piles are really useful pieces of scatter terrain. They will be at home in both fantasy, Wild West and pulp settings, and of course other historical ones, too. You’ll get cargo piles for $5 at Printable Scenery.
The barrel cart is a free piece, from Thingiverse this time. It's just great! I have to bind the barrel down with some suitable string, but haven’t found what I need yet.
Finally a marker stone and some stone braziers, also free and from Thingiverse. The marker stone be useful both in Frostgrave and our D&D campaign, while the braziers have a place in the next solo Pulp Alley game I’m planning, not as braziers but relegated to a lesser role as pedestals (the statue is a Reaper Bones figure converted into a bronze). 
This is really the beauty of 3D-printing. I needed five pedestals for a game, looked through my library of stl-files, found something suitable and had them printed in a couple of hours. Great!
A lot of scatter terrain this time. I’m also printing dungeon terrain pieces, and more on those and what you can build with them soon.
(Sorry that I said that the cargo piles were free the first hour or so, as they are not. My bad)


  1. Very nice pieces! They look absolutely fabulous.

    Are they straight from the printer, or have you done any "post-processing" (smoothing, etc.)? What resolution are they printed at?

    1. Godd questions!
      I brush everything with a brass brush, to get rid of small strands etc. I sometimes cut or file away small protusions that comes from when the nozzle moves from a horisontal area. Those protusions can be seen on the wheels of the cart, where I forgot to remove them. So it is essentially very modest post-processing. Taking minute or two.
      Printer resolution for these pieces were 0.2 mm, so rather course but fast.

  2. Those look great Joakim! I especially like those that last group, perfect for a D&D adventure :)

    1. Thank you, Ivor!
      There's more stuff to come. I will post regular posts on what I have printed, when they are painted. That seem to be the bottleneck, as the printer is faster than me painting :-)