Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Making your own clear bases

I’ve been using clear bases the last couple of years, as you have seen, and I’m really satisfied with that.
A female pulp adventurer on a home-made clear base
I found a YouTube video on how to make your own clear bases from Pulp Alley the other day. I seem to have missed it when it first aired, about half a year ago, but checked it out now.
It’s all about a very simple and cheap way to make your own clear bases, and I decided to try it out.
First you have to buy a punch stamp, and the video recommended EK Tools. I found a Medium Punch (1”) locally in a e-shop selling scrapbook-stuff and had it delivered just two days after purchase.
Then you collect all those blister-packs that you kept, as they could, someday, be useful for windows/water/whatnot. Now they will actually be used!
Use a scissor to cut out all biggish flat surfaces.
Start punching! I found some of the thicker blisters to crack when I punched out my bases, but it all works well enough, and I’m pumping out cheap (as in free) bases. What’s not to like?
Finally - ask your friends to keep their blister packs! One of mine had to do some trash-diving to collect what he had just thrown away (well, he actually rummaged around in a bag of plastic bound for recycling).
When I scrapped a lot of material from courses I took ages ago I found a sheet of clear plastic used as a cover for an old spiral bound collection of papers. The paper and metal tread is in their respective recycling bins, while the plastic is refined into clear bases.


  1. Nice tip, but is the blister plastic really stiff enough to support the miniature?

  2. Peter it works just fine it's the width that give balance not the thickness, I've herd of people using a punch & wondered how it work Joakim as I use a blade circle cutter to make mine.

    That looks an easier way of doing it :)

    1. It's really super easy and very fast. Some goes into the bin, but it feels ok

  3. That looks great! Although now you will have to pick up the figure by, well the figure, as the base will be too thin!

  4. Lol, nice tip. Though i still prefer laser cutting 1 or 2 mm acrylics.

    1. It's really nice with these thin ones. Nearly invisible.
      I will still use my thicker ones for some figures, I'm sure