Thursday, 14 May 2020

Funland Ferris Wheel from Warcradle

My pulp/horror funland needed more scenery, and a Ferris Wheel would be a good candidate for imposing terrain.
The kit, from Warcradle Studios, is mostly great. It fits together real well but if assembled straight from the box you would get a static model that wouldn’t turn around.
So I modified it. The seats were easy, as I used plastic rods to anchor the seats to the wheel. Worked real well.
To get the wheel to rotate was a little bit tricky, but a sturdy wooden dowel, and some metal washers to keep everything in place, did the thing.
So, here it is. Wheel is turning and seats are swinging. Ready for some action in a game of Pulp Alley, 7TV or Hjärnor.
It is huge, as Soura Innocenza demonstrates.
In these times of isolation me and the gaming group have weekly painting challenges to help us get some motivation in the absence of our ordinary gaming sessions. We each present four different things/groups (each of at least two ordinary minis, a larger mini, terrain piece etc) to be finished in a weeks’ time. Sometimes with a common theme, sometimes without. The others vote which one to do. This was my first week challenge. A bit much to finish in seven days (which is probably why the others voted for it…), but I did it, just.


  1. Whoa ! Very beautiful indeed ^^


  2. Aren't you glad we forced you to make it spin?
    Nice effort nevertheless!

    1. Yes, I am glad you... 'persuaded'... me. It wasn't that much extra work it it was all worth it.

  3. Hi Joakim, I'm pleased to see you are motivated to produce more goodies.
    Have you and your mates thought about internet gaming. 3 of us have been involved in some games, we are on our 3rd game now. The first lasted 8 days, mine was only 3 days and the 3rd is still underway.

    It's been great fun, although a little time consuming.

    1. Nice to hear from you, John! Hope all is well.. well, as well as well can be during these circumstances.
      We have talked about gaming over Discord, and will probably try something out. Thing is, we all work but from home, so time is not unlimited.
      I'm lucky in having a gamer-son, so we have played a bit, but he is furilously working at school these last weeks to get those excellent grades needed to get in to the university he wants (Royal Insitute of Technology, going in his fathers footsteps but aiming for a much, much tougher degree)