Friday, 8 May 2020

Crashed aircraft for Whiteout

I’m building and painting terrain, vehicles and figures for Whiteout, which is a solo/co-op game that I think looks really interesting. Also, in these times, anything solo has a certain appeal.
Here´s the first finished terrain-piece, a Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing in 1/48 scale from AMT.
Built straight from the box, buried in a piece of foam insulation covered in sealant and painted with Vallejo Ground Texture Snow.
Now I’m letting the 3D-printer produce some suitable things for the game. More on that later.
Here it is on my Whiteout gaming-mat from Deep Cut Studio. (6x4' Winter with 1' grids and 2 point line thickness (I think)a greyish grid colour with 50% transparency for discrete grid-lines) 
You can buy Whiteout and lots of stuff for it from Sally 4th.


  1. Lovely. This will add some extra feeling to the solo-game.Please write more about this solo-game of yours.Is the solo-game a Joakim-creation or bought?

    1. It's bought. Follow the link in the text to Sally 4th, and read all about it on BGG (I've written that piece)
      It does look really nice, and I look forward to playing it, but before that I have some terrain and stuff to make.
      Stay tuned for much more to come