Monday, 23 May 2011

Italian infantry, 6mm

What Italian armour I need in the foreseeable future is painted, now it’s time for infantry.
I bought a pack of Italian soldiers from GHQ, and they’ve got an impressive amount of detail for figures that tiny.
I copied the technique Laffe used for his British infantry, and I used Osprey Men-at-Arms nr 349 ’The Italian Army 1940-45 (2) Africa 1940-43’ as inspiration.
I started by cleaning the figures, and filing down the officers’ caps, that looked like French kepis initially.

The figures were based with two layers of Vallejo 847 Dark Sand and after that Devlan Mud.
After that Dark Sand as a painted high-light on arms and headgear.
Rifle stocks 843 Cork Brown
Bread-bags 819 Iraqui Sand
Water bottles 869 Basalt Grey (a bit too dark)
Faces and hands 955 Flat Flesh
Metal GW Chainmail
Shoes and other leather Humbrol 62 Leather
One really shouldn’t take close-ups like this, these guys are tiny!

I glued 8 men to a FoW-base. A bit crowded, but it will do. The result from the work of a couple of evenings were 7 squads and one nearly fininshed. That one has to wait for reinforcements.
Attack! It’s fun with hordes in 6mm.

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  1. Tjusigt! Jag började bygga taggtråd igår, med lite tur har jag hittat en teknik som kommer att leverera stora mängder i tid till slaget.